A Trendy Solution for Home Interiors: The Barn Door

| August 8, 2016

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Sliding barn doors can add a modern twist to an interior space. Malte Strauss, broker and owner of Trust International Real Estate LLC in Deltona, Fla., says the barn door trend.


Moorfield Group

Moorfield Group is a UK real estate and related private equity fund manager, with investments made through the Moorfield Real Estate Funds (MREFs).


Digging Into Real Estate Data

Article | March 4, 2020

When speaking with perspective investors, the first question that I ask is how well they understand the numbers of a potential investment. If they reply with a simple, “everything’s good,” I know the deal probably isn’t for me. But, if they respond with hard data about the market, property and financial information, I can take them seriously and consider the investment. As an investor in any industry, numbers are your best friend. I’ve spent hours pouring over spreadsheets of data and mastering best accounting practices and it’s made me the diligent investor that I am today. I believe that this dedication to digging into data is what sets met apart from other real estate investors and continues to give me an edge.

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How Custom Virtual Tours Can Save Your Real Estate Business in 2020

Article | April 2, 2020

Outside of luxury listings, virtual tours have always been something of a solution looking for a problem. Sure, they look cool, and they definitely impress homeowners, but even a brand-new agent with the ink barely dry on their real estate license could tell you that they never really did much to, you know … actually sell houses. Of course, today the reality on the ground is that technologies like virtual tours for real estate are offering a viable alternative to showings to help agents keep their business afloat. After all, when people are scared to leave their homes, virtual tours offer a seemingly perfect solution. That’s why we decided to give you some actionable, real-world strategies to incorporate virtual tours in your showing arsenal. We’ll go over the tech behind the tours, get insight from some top-producing brokers already using them, and finally give you some creative and affordable ways to use them yourself.

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Article | May 13, 2020

Real estate is always an attractive avenue for keen investors. The prospects of property appreciation and their potential returns keep luring people every now and then.Investment in residential property in India is always on the boom. However, the commercial real estate investing trend is also witnessing a rise. This is because commercial properties for medical care centres, hotels and shopping malls present bright investment opportunities. They provide huge returns on investment in short time. This is because of the high profits involved.

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The 3 Tasks Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Outsourcing

Article | April 1, 2020

A clean, well-managed CRM can be your most valuable real estate tool. Too often, however, the database is so neglected and disorganized that it’s not living up to its full potential. Management of the system is an ongoing task, requiring a significant amount of an agent’s time. In fact, the folks at Hubspot found that nearly 30 percent of salespeople spent in excess of an hour a day on data entry. That’s an hour much better spent taking a former client to lunch or prospecting for new clients. When it comes to outsourcing real estate tasks, how does one go about finding help with data entry? Hiring a virtual assistant with CRM experience is probably the easiest way to get started. Here are just a few tasks to hand off:

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