FARAZ MEMON | December 1, 2017

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How awesome would it be to work with Alexa or any other virtual assistant that could integrate with real estate technology software like MRI or Yardi? Instead of asking follow-up questions to, for instance, an asset manager in a monthly meeting and then wait for them to research a response, which could take a day or two, you could pose these questions to Alexa who could churn out the answers in seconds. The concept of applying Alexa for Business to real estate technology has so much potential; it truly takes self-service BI (business intelligence) to the next level.



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4 SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Website Ranking

Article | March 17, 2020

More and more marketers believe that SEO is dead. So much so that 210 people search “is SEO dead” every day. But we do not subscribe to this mentality. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search. And why shouldn’t they? The internet is full of useful information. So there’s no reason that your website shouldn’t be at the top of the search results. But as the enormous amount of content being published daily continues to grow, it has become harder and harder to rank on search engines. Google’s algorithm to rank websites is constantly changing. And for good reason — people are changing, too. As the needs of users evolve, so does Google’s need to stay ahead of the curve. As the leading search engine in the world, Google’s primary focus is delivering the most accurate information to meet user’s searches. So how do you improve real estate website ranking? In other words, how do you get your real estate website, and more importantly, your properties, to the top of the search results page? How do you deliver accurate, informative content that Google deems worthy? Here are four tips to help boost your SEO ranking.

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Article | March 3, 2020

Real estate investing has become a popular investment option. With increased competition, understanding how to find investment properties is crucial for any real estate investor. Most investors limit their efforts to investment properties listed on the MLS- they don’t really have a real estate investor marketing strategy. Although the MLS is a viable source of real estate deals, far too many people are using it. To have an edge over the competition, it’s important to have a diverse real estate investor marketing plan. By diversifying your marketing strategies, you increase your chances of landing the best real estate deal. There are many ways you can ramp up your real estate investor marketing efforts. Here are some of the best real estate investor marketing strategies you can put in place to find real estate deals.

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Article | March 3, 2020

Real estate syndication, also referred to as real estate crowdfunding, is an investment model where multiple real estate investors pool their capital for the common objective of financing a property investment. This way, real estate investors can invest in real estate projects that are considerably larger than they could have afforded as individual investors. Real estate syndications are usually led by a sponsor (or syndicate) who oversees the financing, acquisition, and management of investment properties on behalf of the investors. Therefore, the success of a real estate syndication will greatly depend on how competent the sponsor is. They earn active income through rental property management fees. They may also provide a small portion of the investment capital.

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Material Shortages Causing Housing Problems – Real Estate Market Update

Article | April 7, 2021

Spring is here, and with it comes home buying season. If you’re in real estate, it’s about to get really interesting. There are also some unique challenges you and your buyers might be confronting in the market now. Let’s get to what you need to know. The housing market has been red-hot for quite a while now. Sales for both new and existing homes have been on an absolute tear. But last month, both of these metrics took a step back. One likely reason for this is no doubt a moderate increase in mortgage rates. However, it seems to me we talk about that enough. Today, we would like to spotlight another factor causing issues in the housing market and possibly even delaying construction of homes in some areas. There’s a real shortage of the necessary materials for constructing and renovating homes at this point. According to a December report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71% of builders were facing a shortage of at least one material. That means the houses that were being built in December that may just be getting ready to come on the market now may either be delayed or come with higher prices. The material most in demand was lumber, with 31% of contractors experiencing a shortage.

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