Changing The future of Commercial Real Estate


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There’s no doubt we’re in a transition period. As technology and communication habits expand exponentially in our lives,
changing demographics in our nation shape the future of our housing market and workforce. In the commercial real estate
market, these trends will dictate which areas are growing and where the market could lead us.

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Revitalizing Multifamily Communities with Impactful Resident Services

Article | September 15, 2021

Impactful service-enriched housing programs and onsite supportive services build a foundation for serving the unique needs of a rental community’s tenant base. Quality services that address the individual concerns of each resident help eliminate the challenges that force turnover and increased expenses for property managers. Service-enriched housing includes the incorporation of programs and services within a community that advances the social and economic skill set of tenants. Meeting net operating income (NOI) and covering debt service obligations are key performance indicators for property managers. Tenants must be valued because they are crucial to improving the financial performance of a community or property. Without support in discovering a realistic path to self-sufficiency, these improvements made will not promote the stabilization of a tenant population. The key outcome for a community through the implementation of service-enriched housing programs is internal revitalization. Tenants benefit socially and economically from services that support access to job readiness, education and financial growth. During this time of economic instability, our resident services coordinators help remove barriers that plague many living in rental housing communities. Through its partnership with Esusu, Rainbow has alleviated tenants’ significant economic hardship by bridging default payments with no-interest loans. Tenants can use the company’s rent reporting platform, which sends on-time rental payment data to the three major credit bureaus – allowing them to build and develop their credit scores. Prioritizing tenant empowerment offers tangible and intangible changes in a property, leading to increased financial performance and improved tenant retention. It also reduces turnover costs for property management such as flooring, paint and reletting fees. Free programs and services also improve the marketability of a property to prospective tenants. Rainbow communities have seen a reduction in community vandalism since the implementation of youth enrichment programs that keep children engaged and supported in their education. Quality service-enriched housing programs, such as those offered by Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation, provide direct access to resources that support the needs of physically and mentally disabled individuals, veterans, chronically homeless, single-parent households, families and seniors. Additionally, this type of outreach attracts the interest of local city, state and federal agencies as it helps stabilize the most vulnerable communities, cutting city and government expenses on a number of levels. This type of approval can even lead to further funding and support for initiatives that will enrich the future of affordable housing services. Key programs and resources address life skills, financial intelligence, education, employment, youth and senior programs, resources to eliminate emergency situations, and social development in a multifamily community. The implementation of a professional, service-enriched housing program with onsite staff ensures that these offerings are tailored to each community and primed for longevity. A stable tenant base will determine the solvency of a community and reposition the financial performance of an asset.

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3 High-ROI Home Improvement Projects

Article | August 26, 2021

Considering a remodeling project? Before getting started, establish a list of return on investment (ROI) goals, because not all home improvements are created equal. Some add value to the home that can be recouped when selling, while others may be nice to have but are unlikely to raise the home's asking price. Anyone who wants to focus on home improvements that will pay for themselves when selling the home should know which projects to avoid. Read on to learn about three home improvement projects with a strong return on investment. Upgraded Landscaping For homeowners looking for a better price when they sell, it's hard to go wrong with landscaping. This is one of the few home improvements that typically yields a positive return when selling the home. On average, homeowners can recoup 150% of what they spend updating a home's landscaping. Since curb appeal is a huge factor in selling a home, choose improvements that can be seen from the road for the best return. Resodding or reseeding a lawn is a project that typically provides good returns. In an arid climate like Nevada, consider landscaping with native plants, xeriscaping, and other eco-friendly desert landscaping options to reduce water usage and maintenance requirements. Adding new trees to the landscaping can pay off now and at the time of sale. Trees provide shade and natural cooling, which can take a chunk out of power bills. When selling, trees add between $1,000 and $10,000 to the selling price of a home. Creating a Dazzling Entryway Continue the strong first impression by creating a welcoming space in the entryway of the home. Upgrading to manufactured stone veneer has a return on investment of around 96%. The improvement is relatively simple but makes the front door and the surrounding area more dramatic. Even small improvements can have a big impact. Upgrade to a metal door or one with small windows that let in additional light. Find upgraded house numbers that are visually appealing and easy to see. This often costs less than $100 but can improve the look and feel of the entry area and practically pay for itself when it's time to sell. Minor Kitchen Remodeling The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the room that is one of the top choices for home improvement projects. However, contrary to what one might expect, huge kitchen overhauls don't always yield a high ROI. In fact, less costly improvements typically have a better payoff. Small projects that can dramatically improve a kitchen include: Repainting Refacing the cabinets and adding updated hardware Replacing countertops Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances Choosing more energy-efficient appliances is an upgrade that can start repaying itself right away. Other improvements are likely to increase the price of the home when it sells. However, on average, kitchen remodeling projects only bring in 77% of their cost when it's time to sell. Because of this, homeowners should focus on upgrades that improve their quality of life and what they are likely to get back for their investment. Some common mistakes can reduce what a homeowner will get back from a kitchen remodeling project. Investing large amounts of money on items that will need to be replaced again in a few years is unlikely to provide a positive return. Choosing items that are too high-end can cause them to clash with the look and feel of the rest of the home, which could turn buyers off. Improve Daily Life and ROI With These Home Improvement Projects Most home improvement projects do not pay for themselves in full when selling the home. Rather, they are changes that make the home worth more to the owner now, that have the bonus of a price increase when you sell the home. The right home improvement project can make any house feel like a new construction home. Homeowners should look to areas that will give them the most mileage when picking updates for their homes. For instance, old kitchen cabinets can make the room feel dull and uninviting. Refacing with a bright new finish can make the kitchen feel like a brand-new room. Adding low-maintenance shrubs to the front yard adds visual interest that can be enjoyed right away. Projects that require special permits could raise questions during a home inspection and potentially reduce the home's value—but properly permitted additions may let homeowners list a home with an extra bedroom or bathroom. Choose the updates that will provide the most meaningful benefits, both now and at the time of sale. By making the home inviting and attractive, sellers are more likely to be able to name their dream price.

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Lockdowns To Push Back Spring Selling Season

Article | August 18, 2021

The spring selling season might be pushed back for a couple of weeks or even months as lockdowns restrict activity in some states and territories, according to CoreLogic. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales and listing turnouts typically rise from September to November. Over the ten years to December 2019, the growth in new listings during spring averaged 15.7% while sales hit 6.8%. CoreLogic head of research Eliza Owen said both sales and listings tend to be most seasonal in the capital cities, particularly in Sydney and the ACT. With the lockdowns, however, the in-demand locations might not witness the same level of activity this upcoming spring, which is only two weeks away. "Observing housing market performance through lockdowns reveals that both sales and listings volumes will fall through lockdowns," Ms Owen said. What can be learned from last year's Melbourne lockdown? The extended lockdown in Melbourne last year could provide a glimpse as to what could happen in this year's lockdowns. Melbourne was in lockdown from mid-July to late October. During the period, listings dropped consistently, hitting the lowest at 1,411 in the four weeks to September, which was 80.7% lower than the previous five-year average. There are several factors that contributed to the slowdown during the period. Aside from the obvious restrictions that have limited inspections and auctions to virtual sessions, the low levels of consumer confidence also dampened the overall market sentiment, with vendors being unsure whether they would get an optimal price for their properties. Mortgage repayment deferrals and other government support also contributed, as these prevented distressed sales. However, when restrictions in Melbourne got lifted by late October, there was a sudden shift in the market mood, with listings quickly recovering. "New listings volumes through December 2020 trended an average 40.4% higher than the previous five-year average, suggesting the spring selling season of 2020 was 'pushed back' into the final months of the year," Ms Owen said. Lockdowns to only postpone market activity Ms Owen said the trend in sales and listings through a lockdown indicate the relative stability of the economy and the housing market amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "This has meant that housing purchasing decisions were more likely to have just been postponed through lockdowns, rather than abandoned all together.” In fact, the muted sales activity through lockdowns actually led to an uplift in sales across Melbourne in December of 2020 and July 2021, a time when seasonally, sales volumes would usually be far more subdued. "There are tailwinds in place for housing market demand to suggest this may happen again; household savings rates remain elevated, new average mortgage rates continue to reach new record lows, and many government fiscal stimulus and broader institutional responses have been resurrected amid renewed lockdowns," Ms Owen said. Affordability might become a concern The consistent surge in prices across capital cities in recent months have already resulted in the inevitable constraints in affordability. CoreLogic's Hedonic Home Value Index in July showed a 1.6% gain in dwelling values, a retreat from the previous growth of 1.9%. Ms Owen said some support schemes that supported consumer sentiment, such as JobKeeper and HomeBuilder have already ended which could dampen the expected rebound in demand. The rising threat of the Delta variant of COVID-19 might also be a major headwind, as it could result in further lockdowns which will ultimately impact the incomes of Australian households. "With affordability constraints becoming a larger obstacle in the market, as well as the potential for tighter credit conditions further down the track, if buyer activity does not match the lift in listings we could see a gradual rebalancing between sellers and buyers," Ms Owen said.

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Should Your Real Estate Client Sign An Appraisal Waiver?

Article | August 11, 2021

Real estate professionals sometimes have to answer a buyer’s questions about appraisal waivers. What are they? What do they mean? Is it a good or bad idea for the home loan applicant to sign one? If your client is applying for a home loan, signing an appraisal waiver does not mean that the home won’t be appraised. The lender will insist on an appraisal, to ensure that they’re not lending more money than they can expect to recover if they foreclose on the mortgage. An appraisal waiver is a document loan applicants sign to tell the lender that they’re waving their right to receive the appraisal report at least three days before the loan is consummated. In rare cases, a real estate professional might have to draft an appraisal waiver letter. In that case, the letter should include the name of the applicant, the address of the property, and, if applicable, the number of the loan application. It should state that the applicant knows about the right to receive the appraisal report at least three business days before the loan is consummated and that the applicant waives that right. At no time does the applicant waive the right to receive an appraisal report.

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Spotlight is New York City's largest inventory of No Broker Fee apartments, providing over 5,000 verified-with-the-landlord apartments in all 5 boroughs and the NYC Metro area. also provides live customer support 5 days a week, helping our clients find their dream apartments.