Property Coin: The New Real Estate Cryptocurrency

JOSHUA KATZ | February 28, 2018

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Aperture, a Los Angeles based real estate tech startup founded in 2016, is preparing for the sale of Property Coin, an asset-backed cryptocurrency token that goes public today.  Property Coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a popular cryptocurrency standard that’s used as the foundation for so many tokens. Property Coin will be using a combination of algorithms and staff opinions to choose which properties and loans that proceeds from the token will be used for. This will seamlessly fit into Aperture’s current business model of flipping houses as an iBuyer and underwriting loans to smaller real estate investors.


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Complete Guide to Real Estate Scripts in 2020

Article | February 25, 2020

There is a huge chance that you heard the word “scripts” thousands of times. It’s like a real estate urban legend that newbie real estate agents hear about all the time. Everyone has an opinion about it and no one can agree on it. Some say scripts are just a shallow representation of a natural conversation between the real estate agent and the client. Others claim that it’s a very helpful tool—especially for a less experienced real estate agent—and scripts may help them overcome many unexpected situations. Well, we think there is a grain of truth in both of these statements and we should examine the scripts case more carefully. So, why are real estate agents so confused about scripts? Here is the thing. Many real estate agents go through the different conventions, purchase ready scripts and use them without changing even a word. So, in the end, you have tons of real estate agents starting their calls using the exact same words.

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What’s the Best Type of Commercial Real Estate Property for Investors

Article | February 10, 2020

Thinking about investing in commercial real estate? It can certainly be a lucrative venture. For those unfamiliar, this type of property is generally defined as land or buildings that are intended to generate a profit in some way. More specifically, commercial real estate is divided into subcategories. There are four main types, including multifamily, office, industrial, and retail. Which type is correct for you? It really depends. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

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Pandemic could mean opportunity for real estate investors

Article | April 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no industry untouched. Many Americans and property owners didn’t have the cash to pay their rent this month. Which means some landlords are going to struggle with the mortgage, which means an opportunity for some property investors. Daniel Lebensohn, co-founder of the investment firm BH3, said buying that distressed debt built the foundation of his company. He said nobody feels good about taking advantage of misfortune, but firms will be looking at this pandemic in the same light.

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Article | February 17, 2020

The use of big data has permeated a wide range of sectors. In fact, professionals from every field rely on it to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their analysis. As you would expect, big data had the same impact on the real estate industry as well. Over the past decade, big data has come to occupy a central place in real estate analysis and every savvy real estate investor relies on it to provide an accurate overview of the housing market. So what exactly are the benefits of big data for residential real estate? And how to use big data for real estate analysis?

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