Transformation of Real Estate Industry Through Digitization

CHRIS BATESON | October 14, 2019

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Digitization ensures to benefit most of the industries by transforming their core processes and system. Real estate industry, including many other businesses, has started adopting digital technology for their operational activities and operations. People are moving from conventional method towards digital tools for their convenience. Therefore, the digital transformation of real estate is accelerating at a rapid pace.


Cervera Real Estate

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How COVID-19 Is Changing The Real Estate Industry

Article | March 24, 2020

As we come to a close on the first week that most of us in the US are self-quarantining due to the COVID-19 outbreak (also known as coronavirus), we’ve already begun to feel the effects on the real estate industry. Direct marketing, physical face-to-face meetings are very much being put on hold. Not all agents are making this switch, however. As we discuss in today’s episode of In The Lead, there are agents who are still very much taking the business-as-usual approach when it comes to their marketing efforts. One agent we spoke to is still conducting open houses, but has made it a policy to keep all the doors propped open, in an attempt to keep people from touching doorknobs and spreading the virus. Other agents are limiting the number of visitors they allow into a home at any one time.

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What’s the Best Type of Commercial Real Estate Property for Investors

Article | February 10, 2020

Thinking about investing in commercial real estate? It can certainly be a lucrative venture. For those unfamiliar, this type of property is generally defined as land or buildings that are intended to generate a profit in some way. More specifically, commercial real estate is divided into subcategories. There are four main types, including multifamily, office, industrial, and retail. Which type is correct for you? It really depends. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

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5 Tips To Grow Your Real Estate Business Faster

Article | April 21, 2020

If you are intending to invest in real estate and are looking for methods of growing your real estate business successfully to earn a large income as soon as possible, I’m here to give you some quick and simple tips, that are essential when it comes to managing a business and achieving success.

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Time Series Analysis of a REIT Portfolio

Article | March 8, 2020

Financial modeling is a technical application as old as finance itself. Traditionally performed through excel sheets and various DCF models, I wanted to set out and use Machine Learning to build a predictive model for the movement of an asset’s price. Within a two week project time period, I set out to analyze and build predictive SARIMAX (Seasonal Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average with Exogeneity) models to capture the movement of eight different Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Before we get into the data, it is essential to first understand the nature of a REIT. REITs are just like any other financial asset in that ownership represents a “share” of a companies profit. These companies own and operate income-producing real estate and are usually centric to a particular sector of real estate type (data centers, retail properties, Senior/Assisted living communities, healthcare, etc…). There are two main types of REITS:

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