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When it comes to investment strategy, why is it that real estate is consistently the preferred investment method of Americans? The reality is that the benefits of investing in real estate far exceed the obvious expectations. When responsible real estate investors commit to thorough due diligence, there are very few strategies with a more powerful impact when it comes to generating wealth. The scope of this discussion will be  long-term buy-and-hold strategies rather than some of the more short-term types of real estate investment. These investments are more suited to beginners because there is a lower knowledge barrier to overcome and it is optimal for providing benefits that compound over time. These factors together form a potent combination for generating wealth and ultimately accelerating your path to financial independence. So, what makes real estate so powerful? Real estate is far more versatile an asset than it seems on the surface. Your average person understands that buying a home is a wise move simply because its value is very likely to appreciate over time. While this may be true in many cases, it’s only one very small piece of the puzzle. In fact, there are four main pillars of wealth generation that make real estate such an appealing asset class. READ MORE