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Who will drive the ultimate tech revolution in CRE?

March 29, 2019 / MICHAEL BECKERMAN

Let’s talk big picture on the current and future state of the CREtech landscape. CREtech is a nascent industry, but much of the tech revolution’s trajectory in commercial real estate has already mirrored the massive and rapid technological changes seen across other industries: finance, healthcare, and insurance, to name a few. As waves of new tech cause profound shifts, the underlying question I wrestle with is this: Who will ultimately emerge as CRE’s dominant tech players? On the one hand, current stakeholders in commercial real estate the JLLs, CBREs, Brookfield’s, Avalon Bay’s, Prologis and Hines of the world simply have too much at stake to tacitly accept outsiders dominating the sector. But then, given we exist in a sector serving the largest asset class in the world, it’s quite possible an existing tech behemoth could dominate in the blink of an eye with an acquisition, investment, or shift in strategic focus. Or we may see a hybrid of both.