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ABS Announces integration with Lightning Docs™, Geraci LLP's National Loan Document Solution

Applied Business Software™ ("ABS"), makers of The Mortgage Office®, leader in loan servicing and fund management software, announced today the launch of an integration with Lightning Docs™, a proprietary cloud based national loan document generation system, developed by Geraci LLP, the nationwide leader in business purpose loan documents for the private lending industry.

 "The Mortgage Office® is a well-known and respected leader in the loan origination software space. Their 40+ year track record speaks for itself. We are honored they have chosen to partner with Geraci LLP to integrate with our Lightning Docs™ loan document generation system and we look forward to providing our mutual clients the most advanced technology in the private lending space allowing lenders to originate loans nationwide with peace of mind."

- Nema Daghbandan, Esq., Partner with Geraci LLP

 "We are thrilled about this integration with Lighting Docs™ by Geraci LLP. We have had a long-standing relationship and a mutual respect throughout the years." He added: "This development is consistent with our vision of integrations, and the continued pursuit to provide our customers tools that simplify, enhance, and automate their entire lending operation."

- Carlos Nodarse, CEO of Applied Business Software

About Applied Business Software
Applied Business Software is a market leader and global provider of software systems and solutions to the lending industry. ABS offers a complete suite of software products designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of those who originate and service loans. All our products are consistently rated superior in design, system interface, expandability, and ease of use. ABS is based in Long Beach, California.

About Lightning DocsTM:
Lightning Docs™ is a proprietary cloud-based loan document generation system developed in-house by the attorneys and partners at Geraci LLP. Lightning Docs permits its clients to generate business purpose loan documents nationwide at the click of a button. The system will generate any business purpose loan documents including bridge, fix and flip, ground up construction, DSCR rental, portfolio rental, etc. The documents have been used for numerous rated and unrated securitizations and are considered the industry standard for the private lending industry.



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