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Cherre Introduces CoreExplore, a New Real Estate Analytics Application

Cherre, the industry's leading real estate data analytics platform, has launched CoreExplore, a new front-end application that allows customers to explore their connected data. CoreExplore, built as an application layer for Cherre's CoreConnect data platform, debuts with improved property searches, new filters enabled by Connection partner data, portfolio pages, and embedded asset management dashboards.

• Customers can perform property research to find off-market options that fit their investment criteria. Customers can find properties by filtering depending on a variety of data providers in Cherre's Connections Network, to create property lists and saving specific searches.

• Portfolios: CoreExplore provides Cherre's portfolio pages, which allow customers to conveniently explore an owner's portfolio of properties, including accessible contact information, allowing customers to reach decision-makers more quickly.

• Dashboards: Customers also have access to embedded asset management dashboards in CoreExplore, which provide insight into their internal financial and operational asset data for benchmarking and efficiency tracking.

Customers will be able to use their connected data warehouse (CoreConnect) and Cherre's built-in analytics to browse through markets and unmasked owners, gain insight into market performance factors, submarket trends, risk factors, and more in the coming feature updates.

Cherre has also merged NCREIF, BuildingFootprints USA, REIS, RCA, and Trepp partner data into its information graph and core data platform. The inclusion of additional partner datasets simplifies the process for shared customers who want to integrate datasets from these vendors into their proprietary data analytics warehouse.

Cherre integrates disparate real estate data into a single source of truth, allowing businesses to instantly explore all of their related data with immediate and actionable insight. Cherre is based on the world's largest real estate knowledge graph and is trusted by the industry's most relevant stakeholders to provide mission-critical efficiency and security.

About Cherre

Cherre is the leader in real estate data and research. We provide reliable property and market information to decision-makers, allowing them to make quicker and more informed decisions. Cherre enables customers to analyze opportunities and trends faster and more effectively by offering a specific "single source of truth," while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs. Cherre was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York City.



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