Crypto Asset Rating, Inc. plans to launch its Asset Platform for Real Estate Tokenization

prnewswire | February 23, 2021

Land Tokenization Asset Platform (RETAP) with blockchain innovation is going to alter the land business.

Crypto Asset Rating, Inc. has opened new entryways for the land business with a stage that will give immense freedoms to showcase financial backers.

They have made a more proficient commercial center for realtors. Specialists, intermediaries, real estate agents, and land owners will actually want to tokenize business or private properties on the RETAP commercial center. It permits financial backers from across the globe to become tied up with the US housing market through lawfully agreeable blockchain-based computerized protections.

"RETAP will accomplish our vision to rethink land possession and to change over illiquid land resources for fluid resources through advanced protections," said Mr. Pramod Attarde, Chief Executive Officer, Crypto Asset Rating, Inc.

Our Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform

Purchasing and selling land is among the most costly and convoluted. Their obsolete utilization of paper records makes land nearly illiquid.

Tokenization is the portrayal of proprietorship with virtual tokens. These tokens exist on a blockchain adjusted to be consistent with protections guidelines. Tokenization offers favorable circumstances that incorporate liquidity, a worldwide venture pool, diminished expenses, normalized keen agreements, straightforwardness, changelessness, the executives improvement, expanded security, thus significantly more.


Manage infrastructure operations by enhancing their data.

Beyond Asset is the asset management solution that allows you to know and monitor your infrastructure over time in order to optimise their operations. From inventory to maintenance, via diagnosis, Beyond Asset helps you to manage your infrastructures by enhancing their data.


Manage infrastructure operations by enhancing their data.

Beyond Asset is the asset management solution that allows you to know and monitor your infrastructure over time in order to optimise their operations. From inventory to maintenance, via diagnosis, Beyond Asset helps you to manage your infrastructures by enhancing their data.

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Addressable’s New SmartCopy Automates Real Estate Marketing by Using GPT-3

Addressable | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, an end-to-end marketing solution provider Addressable, announced SmartCopy, that helps generate copy as a part of the company's card-writing platform. The new tool, SmartCopy, is powered by Open AI's GPT-3 to generate real estate marketing copy. SmartCopy is designed to assist real estate agents in attaining listings through outreach with personalized handwritten mail by creating AI-generated letter copy. The feature generates highly customized and compelling marketing messages using Addressable's real estate performance data and GPT-3's powerful natural language processing capabilities. SmartCopy offers benefits and features, including the ability to generate personalized messages at scale, highly customized content for real estate marketing and improved efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring listing appointments. The tool is now available for new and existing customers on the company's website. Co-Founder and CEO at Addressable, Christopher Tosswill, said, "Addressable has always been committed to providing innovative solutions to help our customers grow their businesses. SmartCopy is a perfect example of this commitment." He added, "This feature will enable real estate agents to generate highly personalized marketing messages at scale, helping them acquire more listing appointments and grow their businesses." (Source – Business Wire) About Addressable Addressable is a cutting-edge technology company offering a unique real estate marketing solution. Established in 2019, the Los Angeles, California-based company has provided innovative tools to assist real estate agents in their sales efforts. The company's patented robotic technology generates personalized handwritten letters, enhancing the customer experience and driving engagement. Its management team comprises experienced professionals, including former product manager at Facebook Christopher Tosswill and former Task Rabbit and SnowFlake Director of Engineer Mark Weaver, who bring a wealth of expertise. In addition, its innovative platform has proved to be a game-changer in the real estate industry, assisting agents in 44 states in generating over $1.5 billion in home sales since 2020.

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LoanCare Launches Portfolio Management Solution, LoanCare Analytics™

LoanCare | February 21, 2023

One of the leading national providers of mortgage loan subservicing, LoanCare, recently announced its launch of LoanCare AnalyticsTM, an all-in-one portfolio management solution. The proprietary platform supports mortgage servicing rights (MSR) investors and focuses on customer engagement, credit risk and liquidity. Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research Group's January 2023 Economic & Housing Outlook Commentary shows an upward trend in continuing unemployment claims. Despite the low level, historical data indicates that a broader economic downturn may be imminent if this metric significantly shifts away from the cyclical bottom. Empowering MSR owners with real-time analytics, LoanCare recognizes the upward trend and is likely to make timely, informed decisions and act as per the requirements. LoanCare AnalyticsTM boosts portfolio management and optimization analysis with filtering and extensive views; it enables MSR owners to connect the dots through their portfolios and act at the loan level. Regardless of the company's size or team's level of expertise, LoanCare AnalyticsTM can help everyone make smarter decisions across the servicing spectrum by leveraging data analytics. With the platform, the users get to know the answers to the questions, including their opinion of buying or selling loans, what portfolio segments the operational areas should concentrate on, and answers about the optimal portfolio attributes like geography, loan type or vintage etc. About LoanCare LoanCare is a leading national provider of full-service, component, and interim subservicing for mortgage loans. The company is renowned for providing a superior customer experience through customization and ease of use. In addition, LoanCare AnalyticsTM proprietary portfolio management platform quickly identifies risks and opportunities to enable smarter servicing-wide decisions. Since its establishment in 1983, it has been offering loans to banks, credit unions, portfolio investors, and independent mortgage companies for forty years. It is part of Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 company and a leading title insurance and transaction service provider to the real estate and mortgage industries.

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FirstBank’s Investment in Zippy Expands Affordable Houseownership

FirstBank | February 23, 2023

FirstBank, a Nashville-based community banking provider to businesses, families, and individuals, recently announced an investment in Zippy, the fintech company that offers seamless manufactured home loans. By combining its knowledge with Zippy's groundbreaking technology, FirstBank is able to increase access to affordable homeownership and demonstrate its dedication to providing cutting-edge banking solutions for its local communities. Zippy is at present available in nine states including Kansas, Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, and Indiana, and intending to double its current footprint in 2023. Zippy supports customers access for community-sold homes in master-planned communities that provide homeowners with amenities through the home loans the company offers. The amenities it helps with include workout facilities, community pools, playground and more. FirstBank has a vast experience in home lending manufacturing, and with investment in Zippy it will offer manufactured homes that are well-constructed and provide much-needed affordability amidst the current housing crisis in the United States. Zippy was created by former JP Morgan bankers, CEO Ben Halliday, and COO/President Jordan Bucy. They became community owners after acquiring a manufactured home community and completing a four-year renovation project. This experience gave them insight into the challenges facing the industry and a respect for the manufactured housing model. They then developed a unique online platform that can provide competitive loans in just five days. Wade Peery, Chief Innovations Officer at FirstBank, said, "FirstBank has extensive experience in manufactured home lending and has invested in fintech partnerships that enable us to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.“ He also said, "In today's housing market, finding new paths to affordable homeownership is critical. This partnership will make buying a home possible for many new individuals and families." (Source: Cision PR Newswire) About FirstBank FirstBank is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and has 82 full-service branches in Tennessee, South Central Kentucky, Alabama, and North Georgia, in addition to mortgage offices located throughout the Southeast. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of FB Financial Corporation with an approximate total assets valued at $12.8 billion. Established in 1906, FirstBank's approach to serving businesses, families, and individuals within the communities it calls home has prioritized local banking. FirstBank has grown through acquisitions and internal expansion to become a leading provider of core banking services.

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