Investors in commercial real estate must foster discussions, especially during a pandemic.

prnewswire | November 19, 2020

Business property estimations have changed over the most recent a half year because of the pandemic and land is at present in an unchartered area. That is as indicated by the leader of business land financier NAI Pleasant Valley, Alec Pacella, who spoke Wednesday at the 2020 REALTORS Conference and Expo.

Pacella, who facilitated a meeting named, "Selling CRE Properties: How COVID-19 Impacts the Numbers," summed up the ongoing history of the business land industry, including its estimating file, esteem pinnacles and purchaser desires.

"In the early part of last decade – 2006, 2007, 2008 – expectations were actually greater than the pricing index. There was more demand than there was supply."

Yet, in 2009 and 2010, as Pacella notes, desires were lower than the estimating list. Therefore, interests in business land were almost nonexistent.

"No deals were happening then," he said. "You couldn't give real estate away in a lot of markets because the expectations were so low."

The situation Pacella portrays isn't not normal for the present status of business land, the same number of proprietors of once-beneficial organizations have watched famous chains battle or be compelled to forever close their entryways.

Pacella says the way to exploring this market is for land owners and speculators to look after exchange. Also, as a result of the market's repeating nature, Pacella says financial specialists will need to be in position to underwrite when conditions ultimately improve.

"In an uncertain market, it's critical to keep conversations going." Having a strategy to engage in open conversation, he says, could eventually lead to a deal in the future.

In the business land area, exchanges can happen when markets are rising or falling, as indicated by Pacella.
"We could sit there and sit on our hands and say 'we're out of business; come talk to me in 2021, 2022 when things get back.' No, that's not what we do, that's not how most of us are wired."

The National Association of Realtors® is America's biggest exchange affiliation, speaking to more than 1.4 million individuals engaged with all parts of the private and business land enterprises.


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Wolsen Real Estate | November 30, 2022

Wolsen Real Estate today announced Wolsen Realty and its partnership with Side, the only real estate technology company that exclusively partners with high-performing agents, teams, and independent brokerages to transform them into market-leading boutique brands and businesses. The alliance will ensure that Wolsen Realty’s professional, upscale services are powered by the industry’s most advanced platform. Since 2012, Wolsen Realty founder Denis Smykalov has provided exceptional real estate services as an agent and, since 2014, as a licensed broker. He harbors a deep knowledge of the local luxury market, which he integrates with his work to produce profitable results. With an innate ability to form long-lasting connections and a tenacious motivation to reach his clients’ goals, Smykalov has cemented his respected reputation among the top agents in Miami’s most competitive markets. With the help of his team, Smykalov has achieved more than $300 million throughout his career, $100 million of which was sold in 2021 alone. Of those totals, $20 million was managed exclusively using cryptocurrency. Wolsen Realty serves buyers, sellers, and investors with unparalleled concierge-style assistance in Miami’s most upscale markets. It hosts dozens of professionals who provide a full suite of services in their respective fields, including dedicated marketing, social media, and administrative teams. With over 100 years of combined experience actualizing customer aspirations, Wolsen Realty agents continue to set industry standards, paving the way via state-of-the-art marketing strategies and an ever-growing network. Partnering with Side will ensure Wolsen Realty remains on the cutting edge of the evolving real estate market while continuing to deliver premium services to its clients. Side works behind the scenes, supporting Wolsen Realty with a one-of-a-kind brokerage platform that includes proprietary technology, transaction management, branding and marketing services, public relations, legal support, lead generation, vendor management, infrastructure solutions, and more. Additionally, Wolsen Realty will join an exclusive group of Side partners, tapping into an expansive network from coast to coast. “I’m thrilled to take Wolsen Realty’s influence over the top with Side, With additional marketing, technology, administrative, and legal support to streamline our processes, we can strengthen our focus on building and maintaining client relationships to ultimately yield outstanding results.” -Denis Smykalov About Wolsen Realty Wolsen Realty fronts exclusive, concierge-style assistance for buyers, sellers, and investors in the upscale Miami market. With tireless persistence, unwavering professionalism, and an unparalleled work ethic, the Wolsen Realty team consistently produces lucrative results. Combining innovative industry strategies with transparent services, Wolsen Realty agents flawlessly secure luxury-level transactions so that its clients can live lavishly. About Side Side is a behind-the-scenes brokerage platform that exclusively partners with top-performing agents, teams, and independent brokerages to create and grow their own boutique brands without the cost, time, or risk of operating a brokerage. Side’s proprietary technology platform and premier support solutions empower its agent partners to be more productive, grow their business, and focus on serving their clients. Side is headquartered in San Francisco.

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Big Purple Dot Aligns with CoreLogic to Launch Transformative Mortgage Recruiting Platform

CoreLogic and Big Purple Dot | October 20, 2022

Big Purple Dot, provider of an ecosystem of mortgage marketing technologies has tapped CoreLogic ®, a leading global property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions provider, to launch a mortgage recruiting platform that provides detailed production data on loan originators (LOs) and a customer relationship management (CRM) service to help lenders in their recruiting efforts. The platform will be powered by CoreLogic data. Using the most current and accurate data, and analytics per loan officer available in the industry, supplied by CoreLogic, and the framework of Big Purple Dot's lead management and CRM system, the new recruiting platform enables the mortgage industry to analyze a loan officer's, lender's and broker's loan production volume, loan type, number of loans generated and smartly reach out to them with technology tools such as video messaging, SMS and automated marketing, at scale, to engage top talent through all stages of the hiring process. The new platform also includes built-in contact information, including the originator's email address, cell phone number, and physical address. "Our new product performs a deep dive into each loan originator's production metrics, providing unrivaled mortgage insight and technology to help loan originators not only hire but to also effectively forecast and operate their business," - Big Purple Dot CEO Roxana Davidoff When it comes to mortgage CRM technology, Big Purple Dot is at the forefront, Given Big Purple Dot's unique position as a mortgage CRM leader, this strategic alignment is an excellent opportunity to help loan originators make better choices when hiring LOs,Brian Battaglia, executive, Property Intelligence at CoreLogic said. CoreLogic is the nation's leader in mortgage data, so they were the ideal data source to help create the industry's most powerful recruiting platform, Not only does this new platform reflect our shared vision and goals, we believe it will also forever transform how mortgage lenders recruit top sales professionals,Davidoff said. According to Big Purple Dot, an independent mortgage banker has already used the platform to recruit originators and has since generated an additional $450 million in volume from those originators. The mortgage banker used a single text message CRM campaign. In today's challenging market, lenders need to know more loan production details when hiring prospects to ensure they will excel. This new recruiting platform gives lenders everything they need to know, Big Purple Dot President and Chief Technology Officer Aldo Sarmiento said. Even after new loan originators are hired, the recruiting platform's CRM capabilities continue to help build on those relationships within the organization. About Big Purple Dot Irvine, California-based Big Purple Dot provides an ecosystem of marketing technologies and products that enable real estate professionals and mortgage originators to generate and manage customer relationships and grow business. At the heart of the Big Purple Dot ecosystem is a CRM lead management platform that leverages predictive analysis as well as personalized, prebuilt marketing content, automated marketing campaigns, and SMS/MMS video services all in a single platform that additionally lets users connect with their partners and others on their team throughout each transaction. About CoreLogic CoreLogic is a leading global property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions provider. The company's combined data from public, contributory and proprietary sources include over 4.5 billion records spanning more than 50 years, providing detailed coverage of property, mortgages and other encumbrances, consumer credit, tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. The markets CoreLogic serves include real estate and mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets, and the public sector. CoreLogic delivers value to clients through unique data, analytics, workflow technology, advisory and managed services. Clients rely on CoreLogic to help identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance, and mitigate risk. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., CoreLogic operates in North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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Measurabl Acquires WegoWise, Unlocks Utility Data Access and Expands ESG Tech to Residential Real Estate

WegoWise and Measurabl | September 02, 2022

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG technology platform for real estate, today announced its acquisition of WegoWise, a software platform for utility data automation and residential real estate from AppFolio, Inc., a leading provider of cloud business management solutions for the real estate industry. As a result of the acquisition, Measurabl will consolidate a mature, scaled utility automation backbone and residential real estate software application into its overall ESG platform, eliminating barriers to accessing utility data while authentically serving the rapidly emerging ESG needs of single- and multi-family real estate. The acquisition is Measurabl’s second this year, following the April acquisition of Hatch Data. Until now, most utility data acquisition required a mixture of third-party technologies and service providers. WegoWise radically alters this dynamic with its proprietary utility automation infrastructure, which unlocks unique business and product innovation opportunities for Measurabl’s customers and partners while also further extending Measurabl’s leading position in ESG services to all asset classes from commercial to residential. “Our product vision is to deliver ESG solutions for every real estate stakeholder from owners to lenders, occupiers to residents from meter to market, This is another major step in delivering on our expansive vision of removing barriers to sustainability data and making it accessible across the entire real estate industry.” -Matt Ellis, CEO and Founder of Measurabl Over the last several years, WegoWise has been vital in not only determining the multiplication of energy and water savings we have been able to achieve over our portfolio of communities, but in easily communicating that savings to our clients and residents, Now that WegoWise is part of Measurabl, we’re excited to have access to a more expansive, market-leading ESG toolkit that can help us bolster our ESG program even further,said Elizabeth Merzigian, Sustainability Manager at Peabody Properties, Inc. WegoWise enjoys particular success in multifamily real estate and affordable housing, for which it developed nuanced product capabilities to automate utility data collection, benchmark assets and residential units, and support U.S. regulatory reporting. WegoWise’s customer base of over 650 customers is entirely additive to Measurabl’s already globally leading solution adopted across over 13 billion square feet of commercial real estate in 90 countries. About WegoWise WegoWise is utility data management and analytics software for real estate. The company was founded in 2010 in Boston. It quickly found success in the multifamily segment, for which it developed nuanced product capabilities to automate utility data collection, perform benchmarking and support local U.S. regulatory compliance reporting including the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae green loan programs. About Measurabl Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) technology solution for real estate. Customers use Measurabl to measure, manage, report and act on ESG data on more than 13 billion square feet of commercial real estate across 90 countries valued in excess of $2 trillion. Measurabl empowers customers to optimize ESG performance, assess exposure to physical climate risk, drive decarbonization and secure sustainable finance opportunities.

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