Leading Nationwide Property Management Company Launches Property Investment Tool

Real Property Management | December 13, 2022 | Read time : 04:00 min

Leading Nationwide Property Management Company Launches Property
For intentional property investors, the right property management company can take the guesswork out of generating the best return on investment (ROI). Real Property Management, a Neighborly company, has been offering residential property management services throughout North America for more than 30 years, and recently launched the Wealth Optimizer Tool designed to support property investors looking to optimize their rental property's ROI.

Smart property investors use a variety of metrics to analyze real estate investments. These metrics allow for comparing and tracking performance, but with the metrics, there is a balance of understanding real-world variables. Real Property Management's Wealth Optimizer Tool is available to anyone and can help investors determine if a property is a good investment. The free property investment tool provides expert data on a rental property's performance, future capital expenses, helps them analyze the potential of a future purchase and can help analyze the potential of a future purchase.

"Our franchise owners have been offering this type of hands-on assistance for analyzing the potential of a rental property for single and multi-property owners for the past five years. We wanted to build an online, user-friendly calculator that allowed rental-property investors to make their own custom adjustments on parameters, With access to advanced reporting in this tool, our streamlined processes and one-on-one intel help investors analyze current and future properties to maximize their rental income while minimizing expenses and inefficiencies."

- Jeff Pepperney, president of Real Property Management

The interactive report pulls available data on property valuation based on users' specified investment parameters. The tool allows users to view revenue, expenses, equity changes, cap rate, cash flow, gross yield, annualized return, and cash-on-cash return, in addition to some advanced reporting features. A key feature of the Wealth Optimizer Tool is the option to compare up to three properties when considering adding properties to their portfolio.

We're always looking to improve our value-add to property owners and provide comprehensive property management with superior service. This includes preserving investors' assets and optimizing their ROI, This tool is one more proof point of our brand promise, offering greater visibility into the performance of rental property portfolios, said Pepperney.

Along with helping intentional property investors realize rental property potential through wealth optimization, Real Property Management provides full-service leasing, move-in, and move-out property inspections, property maintenance, management of tenant requests and emergencies, advertising and marketing, tenant screening, accounting, rent collection, legal evictions, and online reporting portals.

About Real Property Management®:
Real Property Management, a Neighborly® company, is the largest property management franchise in North America, with more than 30 years of industry expertise providing full-service residential property management for thousands of investors and rental homeowners from more than 400 independently owned and operated locations worldwide. Acquired in 2018, Real Property Management is part of Neighborly®, the world's largest home services company with more than 30 brands and 5,000 franchises collectively serving 12 million+ customers in six countries, focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing homes and businesses.


We are a vertically integrated organization dedicated to the development, design, construction, management, and long-term ownership of inclusive living communities throughout Costa Rica.

Our mission is to build resort-style living communities that value all its members and help them to meet their basic needs so that they can live with dignity, engage actively, and contribute to their community.


We are a vertically integrated organization dedicated to the development, design, construction, management, and long-term ownership of inclusive living communities throughout Costa Rica.

Our mission is to build resort-style living communities that value all its members and help them to meet their basic needs so that they can live with dignity, engage actively, and contribute to their community.

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Lone Wolf introduces real-time buyer tours to Cloud CMA

PRnewswire | March 28, 2023

Lone Wolf Technologies ("Lone Wolf"), the leader in residential real estate software, is excited to introduce the newest innovation in Cloud CMA: Live buyer tours. Buyer tours, already one of Cloud CMA's most popular report types, connect with MLS data to provide clients with a better sense of what they're looking at when they are touring homes. The new live buyer tours turn previously static reports into dynamic ones—with easy-to-read, real-time data on any device. "We're making it possible for real estate professionals to take the reports they already provide and put them directly into the hands of their clients—wherever they are," said Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf. "This new feature is a significant improvement to the overall client experience that Cloud Agent Suite helps professionals offer, greatly improving convenience and understanding for everyone involved in the home-buying experience." With live buyer tours, clients have instant access to the most relevant information about their favorite listings, including: A real-time list of showings, organized by time, for simpler schedule management on showing days Comprehensive details that include drive time, directions, and other logistics so agents and clients stay on time and on the same page Live feedback fields that share directly with their agent so clients can actively participate in tours and take notes for later discussion And more! "As real estate continues to shift in an increasingly digital direction, real estate professionals need to be able to follow suit," said Greg Robertson, GM of MLS at Lone Wolf. "With this improvement to buyer tours, agents can provide their clients with the option that best fits their needs through the home buying process—whether they prefer a classic report or a digital one. This will empower agents to own every moment and turn tours into transactions through the upcoming busy spring selling season." With over 300,000 CMA reports generated every month, Cloud CMA is the industry's most popular tool for transforming static, generic CMAs into visually stunning and informative presentations that empower real estate agents to win more listings and attract new prospects—as well as nurture clients over time with a regular cadence of reports on their home's value. This new feature is part of Lone Wolf's continuing mission to adapt and improve features and benefits across all solutions and software, ensuring that professionals and their clients alike have access to the best technology—where and when they can use it most. Users of Cloud CMA will find this feature waiting for them in their dashboards, and agents can sign up for Cloud CMA for a limited-time free trial here. About Lone Wolf Technologies Lone Wolf Technologies is the North American leader in residential real estate software, serving over 1.5 million real estate professionals across Canada, the U.S., and Latin America. With cloud solutions for agents, brokers, franchises, MLSs and associations alike, the company provides the entire real estate industry with the tools they need to amaze clients, build their business, and improve profits-from transactions to back office, insights, and more, all in one place. Lone Wolf's head offices are located in Cambridge, ON, and Dallas, TX.

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WPM Real Estate Management Reveals Multiple Promotions as Part of Strategic Growth

WPM Real Estate Management | January 27, 2023

WPM Real Estate Management, one of the leading property management firms in the Mid-Atlantic region, has today announced several internal promotions as part of its long-term objective for growth and success. WPM's Maintenance and Construction Services Division named Michael 'Mike' Mangum Director of Operations. Mike joined WPM 14 years ago as a service technician and was elevated to Maintenance Operations Advisor in 2021 after 10 years as Service Manager in the Multifamily Real Estate Division. He's vital to WPM's operations, training, and success. His new post is part of a strategic reorganization inside the division that will allow the company to extend its service offerings and boost cross-company collaboration on maintenance and services, increasing client value. Meanwhile, Rita Dore has now been promoted to Senior Commercial Manager for WPM's Commercial Real Estate Division. She managed community associations for the Association Real Estate Division. Rita has worked in WPM's Association, HR, Commercial, and Services divisions for 17 years. She has excellent client contacts and extensive knowledge of WPM's procedures, technologies, and operations. Her leadership at WPM's Commercial Real Estate Division will help it flourish. CEO James Dahlgren, Jr. expressed, "We're excited to have Mike and Rita stepping into these leadership positions to help us grow these two divisions." "Both of these individuals bring extensive knowledge and experience to their roles and will be instrumental to WPM's continued growth and expansion," James added. (Source – Cision PR Web) Besides, Herman Martin is now the Multifamily Maintenance Operations Advisor, replacing Mike Magnum. He joined WPM in 2021 after 30 years in the profession. Herman's knowledge of the division's service demands and track record ensure continuity. This role will report to Mangum and assist with Multifamily Real Estate Division maintenance needs as part of the planned restructuring. In this context, CEO James Dahlgren, Jr. remarked, "Herman is well respected by Associates and clients alike." "I am confident he will continue to deliver on WPM's commitment to service excellence in this new role," he concluded. (Source – Cision PR Web) About WPM Real Estate Management WPM Real Estate Management manages nearly 25,000 properties and over 40,000 people in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. Its services include multifamily real estate management, association real estate management, commercial real estate management, along with maintenance and construction. The company brings an experienced owner's viewpoint and a proactive approach to property management to ensure that its actions and decisions add value for people living, working, and investing in its properties. Being a premier real estate management firm in the region, the company has earned the title of Accredited Management Organization®.

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OREF to Add SkySlope's Disclosure Solution to Its Member Benefits Package

SkySlope | January 10, 2023

Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC (OREF) has recently added the SkySlope disclosure solution, Breeze, to its benefits program. Breeze is a simple, guided digital workflow that helps agents and sellers easily complete disclosure forms. OREF, based in Eugene (Oregon), develops and licenses real estate transaction and advisory forms for real estate professionals in Oregon. Almost a year ago, the organization turned to SkySlope to overhaul the experience of digital forms for the agents. "Since its launch, OREF's partnership with SkySlope has been incredibly successful," says OREF CEO Melissa Peterson. She added, "SkySlope's ease of use, award-winning customer service, and time-saving functionality has helped to reinvent the form-filling process for our members. As we looked to 2023, we were interested to see how we could grow our partnership with SkySlope to optimize our member experience and provide additional value." (Source: PR Newswire) SkySlope Breeze, a digital disclosure solution that converts seller disclosures into a guided digital questionnaire, is being incorporated by OREF into their member benefits package to broaden its offerings. "Breeze provides a guided workflow that helps sellers complete complicated disclosure forms with ease," says Peterson. "It's a win for sellers - and that's ultimately a win for agents." (Source: PR Newswire) Breeze transforms fill-in-the-blank disclosure forms like Oregon's SPDS into user-friendly procedures. This simplifies the time-consuming, legal jargon-heavy disclosure procedure. On the back end, sellers' responses populate form fields, resulting in complete disclosure forms. Breeze's convenience increases with in-app messaging that allows sellers to integrate comments or questions for agents in the workflow. About SkySlope SkySlope, a California-based prop-tech company, is trusted and innovative. Over 650,000 U.S. and Canadian real estate agents and 15 prominent U.S. brokerages use its digital transaction management platform. The startup wants to produce the best autonomous transaction platform. SkySlope lets brokers, agents, auditors, and transaction coordinators handle deals from contract to close. Its product package lets real estate professionals spend less time in front of a screen and more time helping customers.

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