OREF to Add SkySlope's Disclosure Solution to Its Member Benefits Package

SkySlope | January 10, 2023 | Read time : 03:00 min

OREF to Add SkySlope's Disclosure Solution to Its Member Benefits
Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC (OREF) has recently added the SkySlope disclosure solution, Breeze, to its benefits program.

Breeze is a simple, guided digital workflow that helps agents and sellers easily complete disclosure forms.

OREF, based in Eugene (Oregon), develops and licenses real estate transaction and advisory forms for real estate professionals in Oregon. Almost a year ago, the organization turned to SkySlope to overhaul the experience of digital forms for the agents.

"Since its launch, OREF's partnership with SkySlope has been incredibly successful," says OREF CEO Melissa Peterson. She added, "SkySlope's ease of use, award-winning customer service, and time-saving functionality has helped to reinvent the form-filling process for our members. As we looked to 2023, we were interested to see how we could grow our partnership with SkySlope to optimize our member experience and provide additional value." 
(Source: PR Newswire)

SkySlope Breeze, a digital disclosure solution that converts seller disclosures into a guided digital questionnaire, is being incorporated by OREF into their member benefits package to broaden its offerings.

"Breeze provides a guided workflow that helps sellers complete complicated disclosure forms with ease," says Peterson. "It's a win for sellers - and that's ultimately a win for agents."
(Source: PR Newswire)

Breeze transforms fill-in-the-blank disclosure forms like Oregon's SPDS into user-friendly procedures. This simplifies the time-consuming, legal jargon-heavy disclosure procedure. On the back end, sellers' responses populate form fields, resulting in complete disclosure forms. Breeze's convenience increases with in-app messaging that allows sellers to integrate comments or questions for agents in the workflow.

About SkySlope

SkySlope, a California-based prop-tech company, is trusted and innovative. Over 650,000 U.S. and Canadian real estate agents and 15 prominent U.S. brokerages use its digital transaction management platform. The startup wants to produce the best autonomous transaction platform. SkySlope lets brokers, agents, auditors, and transaction coordinators handle deals from contract to close. Its product package lets real estate professionals spend less time in front of a screen and more time helping customers.


Mastering the operation of infrastructures by enhancing their data. Beyond Asset is the asset management solution allowing you to know and monitor your infrastructures over time to optimize their operations. From inventory to maintenance, including diagnostics, Beyond Asset supports you in controlling your infrastructures by enhancing their data.


Mastering the operation of infrastructures by enhancing their data. Beyond Asset is the asset management solution allowing you to know and monitor your infrastructures over time to optimize their operations. From inventory to maintenance, including diagnostics, Beyond Asset supports you in controlling your infrastructures by enhancing their data.

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