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Pioneering Real Estate Lending Platform LandOrc Gets Its Pioneer Investors

Bridging the USD 500 billion Real Estate Funding Gap via USD 19 billion and growing Decentralised Finance pool.

LandOrc is pioneering a new way of collateral based lending for the real estate industry. Specially focusing on high base lending rate markets with annual property development spends in the region of USD 500 billion. Property developers in the markets are seeking lower cost of capital to improve their profitability.

On the other end, growth of the decentralised finance products have been based primarily on virtual assets. Availability of real world assets like land, provided as a collateral against lending, provides a greater level of reassurance to the crypto investors operating on decentralised finance. This land collateral is in the form of NFT (Non Fungible Token) with oracles bringing in other physical world data points associated to the land title on-chain.

Thus bringing greater transparency and pace for transactions via blockchain. An analysis of Ethereum wallets show that 99% of wallets are still not involved in speculative financing activity and hence would see value in land collateral based lending.

A number of property developers from high interest markets in Asia and Africa have already lined up their projects for lending along with a collateral thus ensuring there is a flow of potential projects. LandOrc opened up their platform to early stage investors on the 15th of August for them to understand the business, working of DApps (decentralised applications) and buying LandOrc (LORC) tokens.

LORC tokens are the sole means available for staking or lending on the LandOrc platform. They are available for purchase on the platform itself and decentralised exchanges like Uniswap. Thus offering investors multiple opportunities to participate in the LandOrc platform.

With all its smart contracts listed on Etherscan and security checked by Entersoft, an Australia based IT and Blockchain security expert. The entire DApps from NFT creation to token staking is available for viewing for the community to better understand the process.

The launch has been very well received by the investors, these pioneers have already bought the entire seed round. Like the early days of Bitcoin these pioneer investors have received the first block of LORC tokens The pioneer investors are looking forward to the future growth of the LandOrc and are enjoying some of the bonus benefits available for pioneers.



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