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Planon has a majority stake in Reasult B.V., a real estate software company.

The Planon Group and Reasult today reported that Planon has obtained a larger part share in Reasult B.V., established in 2000 and settled in Ede (the Netherlands). Reasult is a product organization that streamlines the monetary exhibition of land portfolios and ventures. Reasult's driving programming arrangements are utilized by land designers, resource administrators and lodging organizations in the Dutch-and German-talking markets. Model clients are Amvest, a.s.r. land, VolkerWessels and HANSAINVEST.

The Reasult programming suite incorporates answers for land advancement, resource and portfolio-the executives, valuation the board and monetary arranging. Planon will join the Reasult applications with its own answers for resource the executives and occupant the board and commitment, into one programming suite. Thusly, Planon expects to help land proprietors and speculators in improving the exhibition of their property portfolio from a monetary, building activities and occupant commitment viewpoint.

"This acquisition is one of the first steps in Planon's ambitious goals to accelerate its future growth. Planon firmly believes in the strength of Reasult's solutions and its organization, both from a technical perspective and due to its extensive market knowledge and experience. It is therefore Planon's plan to continue to expand the Reasult software suite, as it has done with previously acquired solutions such as SamFM and conjectFM. I am very excited about this acquisition and the possibilities it will offer to customers of both organizations to further develop their current solutions into an end-to-end property portfolio management solution," said Pierre Guelen, CEO and founder of the Planon Group.

"As co-founder of Reasult 20 years ago, I am very excited about becoming part of a fast-growing global specialist in the field of building operations and service digitalization. With this move, Reasult will be able to further fulfil its strategy of offering a leading platform for optimizing real estate in the broadest sense. As part of a market leading organization, our customers and employees will benefit from this strategic step. The Planon and Reasult solutions are complementary which drives synergy and innovation. This collaboration will allow us to serve our customers in the best way possible and deliver innovative products to help real estate companies be 'the best in class,'" said Aart Zandbergen, CEO at Reasult.



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