Reonomy Expands its Commercial Real Estate "Market Glances" to 30 MSAs

Reonomy | August 04, 2021

Reonomy, the leading provider of actionable CRE data, has expanded its Market Glance insights to a total of 30 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), across Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industrial and Hospitality categories. The expansion is part of Reonomy's commitment to helping organizations–ranging from brokerages and banks, to commercial services providers–better understand the people, properties and companies behind commercial real estate (CRE).

Reonomy pulls data from a vast network of providers to aggregate insights on all commercial properties across the US, including assessor, census, transaction, geospatial, ownership and occupant data. Using machine learning and proprietary entity resolution capabilities, Reonomy then stitches together all data sources on the parcel level with a single identifier. The resulting data set is an industry-leading collection of insights across more than 50 million commercial properties.

Reonomy's Market Glances draw upon this dataset to provide a timely snapshot of each MSA. Centered around the Reonomy Price Index (RPI)–a collection of composite sales price indices measuring change and fluctuation of markets by asset type–the Market Glances also include sales mix, sales volume, market share, monthly transactions and noteworthy sales.

Notable findings in Reonomy's latest refresh of its Market Glances include:

Pandemic Recovery is Spotty for Offices: Across 30 markets, just three have recovered to pre-pandemic levels in terms of office sales volume: San Antonio (+20%), Phoenix (+20%) and Tampa (+12%). All others sit at or below 2019 levels.
What Tech Exodus?: San Francisco's 12-month rolling average RPI of 382 for Office transactions is higher than at any point in the past 20 years–indicating that the impact of a "tech exodus" from the Bay Area has been dramatically overstated.
Retail's Struggle: While retail sales volume has recovered to 2019 levels in a handful of MSAs, it remains precipitously low in cities like New York, where volume has decreased by 80% compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, and in Dallas, where volume has decreased by 54% compared to 2019.
"The commercial real estate data landscape is incredibly fragmented. Reonomy is designed to help CRE professionals make smarter decisions with all of their data and insights in one place," said Bill Okun, CEO of Reonomy. "We make these Market Glances available to the public so that everyone in CRE can understand, from a macro level, what's happening in a given area. Whether you're looking into noteworthy transactions in a specific city or are interested in market share by square footage, we have the analysis in one convenient place."

About Reonomy
Reonomy is the leading provider of CRE insights, empowering top brokerages, financial institutions, and commercial services providers with actionable data and solutions. Armed with Reonomy's enterprise-grade products, CRE professionals and organizations gain comprehensive market understanding, discover opportunities, and streamline research processes.


For generations, public markets have been the beating heart of capitalism, reaching their zenith in the latter part of 20th Century, when stock markets in Wall Street, the City of London, Hong Kong, and others were the great centers of capital raising, corporate investment and growth.


For generations, public markets have been the beating heart of capitalism, reaching their zenith in the latter part of 20th Century, when stock markets in Wall Street, the City of London, Hong Kong, and others were the great centers of capital raising, corporate investment and growth.

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homegenius Real Estate Rolls Out Cutting Edge AI-Powered Home Search, Unlocking Property Intelligence from Listing Photos

Businesswire | May 30, 2023

homegenius Real Estate has unveiled an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered home search portal at that provides home buyers and sellers with an unprecedented level of property intelligence about active listings, driven by the company’s homegeniusIQ technology. homegeniusIQ applies proprietary artificial intelligence harnessing image recognition and computer vision technology to analyze real estate images to assess and estimate room condition and property features. By unlocking data from property photos, homegeniusIQ helps inform a property's value and substantially improves the home search process, allowing home buyers to conduct better searches and glean deeper insights. Its cutting-edge models can identify and assess room type, room condition and more than 50 objects inside and outside of a home that impact its value—breaking down the biggest barrier to meaningful automated real estate insights. At, users can also upload photos to search for properties that match their desired attributes, instantly translating a dream home “vision board” into an array of listings that are available on the market. All personalizations can be saved by consumers to allow them to apply their dream home requirements to any neighborhood or market, instantly. “Artificial intelligence is poised to truly transform the way home buyers and agents buy and sell homes, and homegeniusIQ is at the leading edge of the revolution,” said Eric Ray, senior executive vice president, chief digital officer and co-head of homegenius. “By allowing home buyers to upload photos that illustrate what they’re looking for in a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and/or family room, homegeniusIQ enables users to match their vision of a dream home to a property in the real world.” Highlights of homegeniusIQ’s artificial intelligence, image technology: Automatically analyzes property photos to identify and assess a home’s condition. Identifies objects, finishes and materials that impact the potential consumer value. Intelligently evaluates property condition to offer more accurate value estimates and refine search results. “homegeniusIQ powers the homegenius Real Estate search, offering a totally new way to search for a home,” said Brien McMahon, senior executive vice president, chief franchise officer and co-head of homegenius. “Our proprietary AI technology makes it possible to conduct searches based on a home’s appearance and condition — far beyond what’s possible with conventional search filters — to help homebuyers find exactly what they’re looking for.” About homegenius homegenius Inc., a subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), and its family of companies combine an array of title, real estate and technology products and services into a full-service ecosystem. homegenius offers innovative experiences from search to close, enabling mortgage lenders, mortgage and real estate investors, consumers, GSEs, and real estate brokers and agents to benefit from integrated and personalized solutions leveraging advanced technology and the latest advancements in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Real estate services provided by homegenius Real Estate LLC and homegenius Real Estate Inc. (collectively dba homegenius Real Estate), each a subsidiary of homegenius Inc. 7730 South Union Park Avenue, Suite 400, Midvale, UT 84047. Tel: 1-877-500-1415. homegenius Real Estate LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary are licensed in every state and the District of Columbia. For additional information on the homegenius family of companies, please visit

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Accelerate and CBRE Investment Management Launch Partnership to Acquire Infrastructure Ground Leases

Businesswire | March 31, 2023

Accelerate Investment Partners and CBRE Investment Management (CBRE IM) have launched Accelerate Infrastructure Opportunities, a new strategy to invest in digital and renewable real property interests across North America. Accelerate’s infrastructure strategy acquires, owns and manages investments in ground leases and land under critical infrastructure assets that generate long-term, sustainable cash flow, such as cellular infrastructure, billboards and renewable assets, including wind, solar, storage and EV charging projects. “We are excited to have a strong, supportive partner in CBRE IM to help fund our company’s growth,” said Brennan Potts, founder and CEO of Accelerate. “Our ability to invest through the development and operations of an infrastructure project, with committed and long-term capital from a partner who shares our values, places us in a leading position within the industry to better serve our customers.” Accelerate focuses on developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with property owners, tenants, developers, operators and brokers. Accelerate believes its collaborative approach and creative capital solutions can provide value to its partners, while also delivering differentiated risk-adjusted returns for investors. “Accelerate’s long-term partnership focus on acquiring real property interests under renewable and digital infrastructure projects provides an innovative way to deploy capital in the infrastructure 2.0 assets that we believe will thrive in the new digital, green economy,” said Robert Shaw, managing director, private infrastructure at CBRE IM. “Accelerate has a proven track record of helping property owners, developers and operators maximize the value of their properties or projects with agility, speed and certainty of closing, which makes them an excellent partner.” In addition to Mr. Potts, Accelerate’s management team leading the strategy includes industry veterans Brandon O’Gara (managing partner and chief financial officer), Graeme Kavanagh (partner and chief revenue officer), Josh Castillo (partner and chief investment officer, infrastructure) and Brenda Hurst (partner and chief operating officer). About Accelerate Investment Partners Accelerate acquires, owns and manages real property investments under energy and infrastructure locations that provide long-term, sustainable cash flow. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Plano, Texas, Accelerate manages more than 1,200 real property interests across the United States with $500 million in combined assets and capital commitments. The company’s mission is to deliver impactful value for investors, property owners and tenants through a values-based approach to investments that support a secure and sustainable future. About CBRE Investment Management CBRE Investment Management is a leading global real assets investment management firm with $149.3 billion in assets under management* as of December 31, 2022, operating in more than 30 offices and 20 countries around the world. Through its investor-operator culture, the firm seeks to deliver sustainable investment solutions across real assets categories, geographies, risk profiles and execution formats so that its clients, people and communities thrive. CBRE Investment Management is an independently operated affiliate of CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBRE), the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm (based on 2022 revenue). CBRE has approximately 115,000 employees (excluding Turner & Townsend employees) serving clients in more than 100 countries. CBRE Investment Management harnesses CBRE’s data and market insights, investment sourcing and other resources for the benefit of its clients. For more information, please visit

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Ohmyhome Announces Signing of Memorandum of Understanding With Ohmyhome Property Inc. to officially expand into the Philippines Market

Globenewswire | May 16, 2023

Ohmyhome Ltd. (NASDAQ: OMH, “Ohmyhome”, “the Company”) and Ohmyhome Property Inc. (“Ohmyhome Philippines”) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of a strategic investment by Ohmyhome Ltd. into Ohmyhome Property Inc.’s Philippines operations, marking Ohmyhome’s plan of expanding in the large and growing Philippines market. “Philippines has always been a great market for property transactions. The quality of developers and their projects have improved significantly over the decades, and the country’s economy has seen a strong rebound from COVID with a flourishing digital economy,” said Rhonda Wong, Chief Executive Officer “Many companies have set up their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and technology teams here, creating job opportunities and income for families. The growing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have also been a strong pillar of growth of the real estate industry. We believe that there are ample opportunities for a data-driven technology platform like us to help homebuyers, home sellers, and developers transact their properties.” added Ms. Wong. Philippines as a Southeast Asia Growth Opportunity The company’s move into the Philippines market provides robust business growth opportunities. With a record pace of 7.6% in 2022, Philippines is amongst the world's fastest growing emerging markets according to S&P Global. The population growth remains one of the strongest in Southeast Asia with a fertility rate of 2.78 in 2020, and the median age of 25.3 years as compared to 41.8 of Singapore and 38.1 of United States. The Philippines is also a country with one of the highest English-speaking populations in Southeast Asia, making it ripe for international businesses. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are also increasingly contributing to the economy and the housing market in the Philippines. The total number of OFWs was estimated at 1.83 million in 2021, up by 3% compared to 2020. Total personal cash remittances grew 3.6% to USD 36.14 billion in 2022, accounting for 8.9% of the Philippines’ gross domestic product. The robust inward remittances reflected the increasing demand for OFWs amid the reopening of economies, and also presents great opportunities for families to upgrade their homes back in the Philippines. “Ohmyhome’s vision is to be the most trusted and comprehensive property solution for everyone, and the Philippines currently lacks a platform that provides exceptional customer service that Ohmyhome is providing to our customers in the Singapore market,” said Herzon Garland, Founder of Ohmyhome Property Inc. “We believe that with this collaboration, we will be able to provide first class service to our customer base and bring the best Philippines properties to Filipinos here and around the globe.” Strategic Partnership Provides Synergies The core component of the collaboration and integration between Ohmyhome and Ohmyhome Philippines, will bring core technologies of Ohmyhome in closing transactions and its MATCH algorithm to complement Ohmyhome Philippines operations in property transactions. Additionally, the partnership will provide resources on both sides to allow for the ease of cross-border property transactions. The integration of Ohmyhome Philippines’ huge portfolio of properties and units will allow interested buyers and investors of Philippines properties to select from a wide range of units that fit their needs and will be serviced by a dedicated team that works across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines., an exclusive members-only property network developed by Ohmyhome Philippines for salespersons and referral partners in the Philippines and beyond, could also potentially be deployed in other geographies to partner with trustworthy licensed salespersons and referral partners to serve both homebuyers and sellers who can access all information and services from a single platform on their fingertips. “This MOU further solidifies our position as the go-to platform for property seekers and sellers to come. We hope to be able to bring our solutions to the millions of families in Southeast Asia, and bring speed, ease, and reliability to property related services in the region.” commented Race Wong, Chief Operating Officer. The agreement will allow the Company to service the thousands of homeowners and homebuyers across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines as a united team and a dedicated platform that ensures quality services and acts in the best interest of customers. About Ohmyhome Property Inc. Originally established by a few business partners who believed in similar visions of the founders of the Company, Ohmyhome Property Inc. was established to expand Ohmyhome’s branding and building partnerships in the Philippines and was provided with Ohmyhome’s branding and the support of web and mobile platforms. Within a short span of 3 years since its inception, Ohmyhome Philippines has grown the brand into one of the leading property platforms in the Philippines. The business team has also secured partnerships with more than 150 developers with over 80,000 properties for customers to choose from. Ohmyhome Philippines has since become the platform with the largest and most comprehensive property inventory in the nation. Separately, to leverage on the strong social networks of Filipinos across the country and globally, Ohmyhome Philippines has developed and launched in 2022 with close to 5,000 verified members. is a members-only property network where verified referral partners and salespersons are able to access the most comprehensive property inventory in the Philippines and refer buyers to the network and earn incentives upon successful close. This taps onto the informal network of Filipinos across the country and the world and allows clients to be served by verified partnering salespersons everywhere without incurring additional headcount. About Ohmyhome Ohmyhome is a one-stop-shop property technology platform in Singapore that provides end-to-end property solutions and services for buying, selling, renting, and renovating homes. Since its launch in 2016, Ohmyhome has transacted over 13,100 properties. It is also the highest rated property transaction platform with more than 8,000 genuine reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Today, Ohmyhome is the first Singaporean company listed in the US in 2023 and the first women-only founded Proptech company listed in the US. Ohmyhome is dedicated to bringing speed, ease, and reliability to the property-related services, and to become the most trusted and comprehensive property solution for everyone.

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