SkySlope Launches Breeze to Make C.A.R. Disclosures Fast and Effortless

SkySlope | November 17, 2021

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SkySlope, the leader in real estate transaction software, has launched Breeze, an all-around simple and streamlined application that makes the disclosure process easy for agents and sellers.

SkySlope's flagship transaction management platform enables brokers, agents, auditors, and transaction coordinators to track their deals while remaining compliant. Equipped with forms and a digital signature tool, SkySlope provides a frictionless workflow that saves time for agents and improves compliance for brokers. As the transaction management platform serving over half of the top 20 largest brokerages in the U.S. and Canada, SkySlope is known for its customized onboarding and 24/7 award-winning technical support.

With the launch of Breeze, SkySlope is providing a free standalone product that gives agents the ability to prepare, send, and receive completed disclosures. The application comes with a host of benefits that help both agents and their clients save time while preventing mistakes and reducing risk.

As a tool designed for both the agent and the consumer, Breeze simplifies the disclosure process. Its intuitive platform requires minimal preparation for agents to prepare and send disclosures to their clients in minutes. For consumers, Breeze's guided workflow helps them complete disclosure forms like the Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ) and Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) quickly and with more confidence and accuracy.

Breeze Features:-
  • Streamlined disclosure preparation equipped with MLS data sync
  • Status visibility, notifications, and easy revision requests
  • Simple guided workflows with helpful tips for consumers
  • Equipped with SkySlope DigiSign for free and unlimited digital signatures
  • Seamlessly integrated with SkySlope's suite of products

"Breeze is truly a one-stop-shop for faster disclosures. he guided workflow helps clients complete disclosures quickly and accurately and our agents can easily prepare disclosures, request signatures, and submit forms for compliance review."

- Diana Costas of Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty.

"Disclosures are a common pain point for both agents and sellers. We're excited to launch a solution that takes a complicated process and makes it effortless for agents and consumers. Breeze saves time, reduces risk, and tremendously improves both the agent and the consumer experience. It truly makes disclosures a breeze."

- SkySlope CEO, Tyler Smith.

Breeze is currently available in California and will be launching to additional states in 2022.

About SkySlope
Established in 2011, SkySlope is a comprehensive transaction management platform for brokers, agents, auditors, and transaction coordinators to manage real estate transactions from anywhere at any time. In 2021, over 300,000 users across 8,000 offices used SkySlope to manage 2.25M transactions. SkySlope provides digital transaction management and services to help agents and brokers be more efficient and compliant. From automation to integrations, SkySlope's vision is to keep agents and brokers connected to the customer forever.


Real estate investment requires strategic asset allocation to maximize returns. Learning the asset allocation process helps improve portfolio performance.


Real estate investment requires strategic asset allocation to maximize returns. Learning the asset allocation process helps improve portfolio performance.

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Brown Harris Stevens Maximizes Agent Productivity With AI-Powered Cloze CRM

Businesswire | March 27, 2023

Cloze, an AI-based intelligence provider focused on the real estate market, announced today that Brown Harris Stevens (BHS), the premier privately held real estate brokerage, has successfully rolled out Cloze CRM as part of its market-leading BHSOne initiative. Within just six weeks, adoption of Cloze CRM has overachieved its initial targets, driven initially by a highly successful internal marketing campaign that itself used Cloze, and fueled further by agent-to-agent recommendations from early adopters. “We looked at many different CRMs, and Cloze gave us three clear reasons why it was the only partner for us,” said Matthew Leone, chief marketing officer at Brown Harris Stevens. “First, there was no barrier to entry. We were amazed at how easy it was to log in, create an account, and get onboarded. Second, you can access all of its functionality through its mobile application—our agents are in front of their phones 100% of the time. And finally, the integration of artificial intelligence was a game changer. We’ve seen how it can as a virtual assistant suggest the proper prospecting steps and touchpoints with everyone in their sphere of influence leading to a higher engagement rate.” In contrast to typical CRMs that expect agents to constantly update and log their activities and contacts into the system, Cloze silently manages that busywork in the background without disrupting an agent’s daily workflows. Through the insights extracted from agent communications, Cloze CRM flags action items and due dates and recommends how, when, and why to reach out to new and previous clients, highlighting special events, birthdays, or anniversaries, for example, or bubbling up contacts that could benefit from outreach. “Cloze is by far the best CRM I have ever used,” described Holly Smith, an agent affiliated with BHS’ Palm Beach office. “The AI features are amazing. It reminds you each morning who you need to follow up with, logs and attaches all calls and emails to a contact, and even writes emails for you with AI.” As part of an internal use case, BHS’ marketing team used Cloze to increase email engagement rates from 10-20% to 80-100% by delivering customized, relevant content to each of the brokerage’s 2,500+ agents. Such customization was made possible because Cloze combines a robust template library with automated processes and AI-generated insights, making it simple to provide highly customized content relevant to each recipient and to do so at scale. The result has been the ability to reach more people in less time with more authenticity. “Our goal was to provide a tool that would make our agents and managers more efficient in communicating while helping them keep on top of tasks, even as they’re managing multiple deals at different points in the home-buying process,” explained BHS CTO Chris Reyes. “Cloze not only met those expectations, but exceeded them.” For more information on how BHS agents are deriving value from Cloze CRM, check out the case study and video interview at About Cloze Cloze’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered real estate platform translates everyday communications into actionable insights that brokerages and their agents use to close more deals, drive higher revenue, and increase profitability. Cloze achieves this by strengthening relationships, reducing manual work, driving a more consistent lead-to-close experience, and improving both marketing ROI and overall closure rates. Cloze’s full suite of real estate solutions includes Cloze CRM, Cloze Marketing, Cloze Leads, and Cloze AI Insights. To learn more, visit About Brown Harris Stevens Brown Harris Stevens (BHS) is one of the most prominent privately-held real estate firms in the world. Established in 1873, BHS has historically dominated the luxury, high-end market. With more than 2,500 agents across the East Coast, the company oversees the sale of marquee properties worldwide, including property management and new development marketing, from its headquarters in New York City and its offices throughout the Tristate area, Palm Beach, and Miami. Learn more at

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