SVN | SFR Capital Management and SmartRent Sign MoU For Build-for-rent Properties

SmartRent | January 03, 2023 | Read time : 03:00 min

SVN | SFR Capital Management and SmartRent Sign MoU For Build-for-rent
SVN | SFR Capital Management (SVN | SFR), a privately held commercial real estate investment company that specializes in single-family build-for-rent (BFR) housing, recently announced a partnership with SmartRent, a provider of real estate technology solutions. SVN | SFR's rental communities are made to improve residents' quality of life, safety, and retention while lowering costs and making operations more efficient.

SVN | SFR Capital Management says that smart home technology has become an essential part of today's dedicated rental communities, and most renters are willing to pay more for houses with smart technology already built in. SmartRent's daily operational process solutions will help SVN | SFR and single-family rental renters by automating tenant technology and protecting assets.

As the BFR housing market alternative remains a popular commercial real estate (CRE) investment, SVN | SFR plans to buy and combine about 35,000 new construction BFR homes over the next 5–7 years, depending on the economy and tenant demand. The company will do this by raising an initial $12 billion in equity and debt capital, which it will use to build a large-scale institutional rental home portfolio and sell when it is stable.

SmartRent said today's operators and tenants want the modernization, optimization, and convenience that technology brings. The firm is thrilled to join SVN | SFR to usher in the age of smart solutions for their properties. With the help of SmartRent's hardware, software, and monitoring solutions, SVN | SFR's teams will be able to improve operational and financial efficiency as well as resident satisfaction across communities.

SmartRent's array of products and services encourages integrated modern living. Supported devices include locks that don't need keys, doorbells that ring, switches, dimmers, plugs, lightbulbs, thermostats, voice assistants, leak, motion, and door sensors. In addition, prospective residents/tenants can take self-guided tours and add ring devices for enhanced protection.

About SmartRent

SmartRent, Inc., founded in 2017, is a recognized enterprise property technology company built by and for real estate operators. All the company's products, including smart house-building hardware and SaaS solutions that run in the cloud, make it easy to see and control real estate assets. SightPlan, its subsidiary, specializes in workflow management solutions that automate the property lifecycle. The powerful, end-to-end enterprise platform from SmartRent and SightPlan boosts efficiencies and delivers cost savings and extra income streams, along with elevating user experiences.


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Manage infrastructure operations by enhancing their data.

Beyond Asset is the asset management solution that allows you to know and monitor your infrastructure over time in order to optimise their operations. From inventory to maintenance, via diagnosis, Beyond Asset helps you to manage your infrastructures by enhancing their data.

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