WSGF Announces Plans To Expand Short-Term Rental Property Purchase Fintech Finance Business Through Organic Growth And Acquisition

World Series of Golf, Inc. | October 13, 2021

World Series of Golf, Inc. (USOTC: WSGF) ("WSGF") confirmed the company will publish a management overview tomorrow (Wednesday, October 13th, 2021), on the initiative now underway for several months to accelerate revenue growth and add assets to the balance sheet.

The initiative includes planned acquisitions, adding new lines of business to complement the current short-term rental purchase finance business, and a groundbreaking cryptocurrency strategy to be integrated into the company's coming Vaycaychella App version 2.0. WSGF operates a short-term vacation rental fintech company facilitating real estate investment and purchase financing.

WSGF acquired a business called Vaycaychella last year and made Vaycaychella its primary business focus. A corresponding corporate name change is underway. Vaycaychella serves entrepreneurs looking to acquire and operate short-term vacation rental properties and businesses, and investors looking to make investments in short-term vacation rental properties and businesses.

WSGF, through its operating subsidiary, Vacycaychella, earlier this year launched a Peer To Peer (P2P) Short Term Rental Property Purchase Application targeting the $87 billion vacation rental market.


Panoramic view, very fine finishes, high floor, sunny. Very sought after location. Large living room with fireplace integrated with spacious glassed-in terrace, various environments, breakfast room, gourmet space and complete leisure. Close to PUC. Refinement and good taste


Panoramic view, very fine finishes, high floor, sunny. Very sought after location. Large living room with fireplace integrated with spacious glassed-in terrace, various environments, breakfast room, gourmet space and complete leisure. Close to PUC. Refinement and good taste

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Global Tourism Start-Up LynKey Announces Blockchain and NFT Solutions for $8 Billion of Smart Tourism and Property

LynKey | January 10, 2022

LynKey, a global platform that powers luxury resort and vacation property with Blockchain, AI, NFTs, and Metaverse tech, just launched a project aiming to tokenize and offer NFT, Metaverse solutions of over $8 billion dollars for travel and tourism. The idea of real estate tokenisation first came into public awareness when TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington purchased the world's first blockchain-backed apartment on Propy in 2017. In 2021, Arrington sold the Kiev-based apartment for 36 ETH. Lynkey is working on taking digitization of property and tourism on a scale not seen ever before. LynKey has started to digitise luxury tourism resorts, hotels and properties, first in Vietnam, and later, at multiple other destinations. LynKey, a blockchain Singapore based smart tourism and Property tech start-up are creating a blockchain-powered token marketplace and ecosystem that is tokenising over $8 billion dollars-worth of properties, in total, at the very launch! LynKey's objective is to tokenise all aspects of property development — purchases, leases, land use and related tourism entertainment — into an international blockchain-powered ecosystem. It envisions to connect the people around the world with the best of property tech and smart tourism premium experiences from resorts and cruises with NFTs and Metaverse AR and VR solutions. What is the company all about? A pioneer in smart tourism and real estate, LynKey was created by a team of international industry personalities. LynKey's solutions make travel rewarding in every way - the platform optimises timesharing, prepaid leasing or licensing of property-based experiences geared towards tourism, while offering an exclusive reward system for its users. With a global blockchain token marketplace ecosystem and community, LynKey efficiently overcomes the need for non-necessary intermediaries, empowering its users to explore the ecosystem that offers real-time solutions and soon, also metaverse experiences. Using NFTs and Metaverse solutions with AI data-driven protocol sets, we are creating clear digital transformation solutions for the travel and entertainment space with smart tourism and property tech that can help these industries in new solutions to empower these global industries. LynKey connects the global audience with a Blockchain-powered platform and a token that empowers an ecosystem for time-sharing using NFTs as a digital certification, and reward solutions at premium luxury tourist spots." Dinis Guarda, founder and non-executive Chairman of LynKey. Despite globalisation, Covid challenges in the tourism and travel industry persist. Blockchain and NFT technology can address and resolve these issues. Most global travellers or property buyers have to deal with local currencies, lack of transparency in buying or leasing property and timeshares, and losing money to high exchange fees or worse. A consolidated marketplace and token solution will solve many of these issues." Miss Cindy Tran, Co-Founder and Chairwoman of LynKey. While property businesses, companies, and cities need potential clients to thrive themselves, there is also a dire need for this industry to catch up with current technological advances. With global tourism forecast to reach a $1.3 trillion mark by the end of 2021, LynKey mitigates a majority of problems plaguing the travel industry. LynKey's token, NFTs and first properties and resort projects will be announced in Q1 of 2022. For more information on how to be involved or become an early participant and adopter, please visit About LynKey Property Tech and smart tourism developer based in Singapore, with offices in Vietnam and London, LynKey has created a new blockchain NFTs, Metaverse, AI driven token ecosystem designed for travellers to book their tourism and property experiences with hotels, restaurants, timeshare, and other smart destination-based excursions.

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Granite Realty Partners to Complete Deconversion of Condominium Units

prnewswire | October 29, 2020

Granite Realty Partners, LLC, a Chicago-based real estate company, announced today that it has completed the fundraising for an investment vehicle to continue its purchases of "broken condominium units." The company has already been involved with seven condominium projects, in Illinois and Florida, totaling over 1,500 units. In four of those projects to date, Granite Realty Partners acquired enough units to complete a "condominium deconversion," thereby changing ownership from individually owned condominium units to a singly-owned apartment complex. Rob Palley, Principal and Co-Founder of Granite Realty Partners, said "We continue to search for and identify high-quality projects that for numerous reasons were not successful as condominium projects but which are viable as well-located and desirable apartment living." "Investment in "broken condominiums" allows an investor to participate in a multi-family platform at a cost basis well-below that of a widely-marketed apartment project," according to Palley. Granite Realty Partners currently has a pipeline of 4 projects totaling over 1,200 units and is actively seeking more investment opportunities. In 2017, Granite principals were involved in the purchase of individual condominium units at the Village at Town Center, in Davenport, Florida and completed a deconversion. The property had been converted to condominiums in 2006 and failed to sell out during the 2008 Recession. Upon gaining control, 48 of the units were fully renovated, achieving rent increases averaging over $250 per month, generating a return of over 20% on renovation costs. At that time, the property was sold and allowed the buyer the opportunity to achieve a substantial return by renovating the remaining 192 units. In 2018, Granite principals were part of the purchase of 89% of the units at Darlington Court, a 235-unit condominium property in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The investment group was able to buy the units at a favorable cost per unit by assuming low-leverage, high rate, CMBS debt. Within 6 months, all of the remaining units were purchased and select units were renovated and the common areas significantly improved. The property was sold 14 months after it was acquired and generated a significant return on investment. Also in 2018, Granite principals were part of the purchase of 58% of the units at Pine Hill Condominiums, a 264-unit condominium property in Wheeling, Illinois. The property was a failed condominium conversion of a two-building, 6-story project originally built in the 1970s. Within one year all of the remaining units were purchased and an upgrade of the common areas is close to complete and unit renovations are on-going, with an average rent increase of over $200 per month for renovated units. Palley stated that "we look for projects that are well-located and have proven lease up history but that due to market timing or conditions were not able to succeed as condominiums but are attractive and viable apartment projects when the condominium ownership structure is removed."

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Ben Blakney is promoted to President by Mesirow Institutional Real Estate Direct

prnewswire | November 12, 2020

Mesirow Institutional Real Estate Direct is pleased to announce the promotion of Ben Blakney to president effective November 1, 2020. Since joining Mesirow Financial in 2014, Ben has held numerous senior positions within the multi-family value-added real estate team, most recently as senior managing director and head of strategic solutions where he led the development and implementation of client solutions and supported the group's growth efforts. IRED is an integral part of Mesirow's Global Investment Management division, with $3.4 billion in AUM, and has invested in approximately 34,000 multi-family units in 23 cities nationwide. Assets are diversified across suburban and urban properties and US geographic regions.

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