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Yardi Solutions Expands REstack Advisors Inc.'s Real Estate Management Options

REstack Advisors Inc's. land property and speculation the executives customers would now be able to utilize Yardi Voyager® Commercial and Yardi® Elevate arrangements authorized by the asset overseer as their own innovation stage.

Yardi Voyager and Yardi Elevate house information for bookkeeping, financial backer correspondence, arrangement and rent the executives, valuations, development and that's just the beginning. REstack helps its customers by dealing with their presentation and activities from a solitary associated arrangement, wiping out the requirement for various frameworks that require awkward interfaces.

"Yardi Voyager and Yardi Elevate, which power our fund administration dashboard, helps REstack automate data transfers and operational insights, allowing our clients to focus on buying, selling and developing real estate," said Anthony Paes-Braga, co-founder of REstack. "The dashboard constitutes a single source of truth that accommodates a firm's unique needs and resources."

"By adopting Yardi, we are working with a cloud-based industry leader that has a good understanding of the real estate investment space and a commitment to innovation," continued Paul Kevener, chief executive officer and co-founder of REstack. "With this collaboration, we aim to bring that innovation to our client base to help build their portfolios and maximize asset performance."

"REstack clients using our cloud platform can easily add solutions as new business needs emerge without incurring additional IT costs," said Peter Altobelli, vice president of sales and general manager for Yardi Canada. "We're excited to join REstack in creating an approach that helps real estate investment managers prioritize their immediate needs and optimize asset performance."



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