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Sarath C Parupalli

Managing Director

Mr. Sarath Chandra Parupalli is the founder and Managing Director of Maiwir Engineering, whose mission is to bring in a steel structure revolution in country that would shape the future of the Indian construction industry. With his dual-bachelors in Mechanical and industrial Engineering and Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Sarath has a penchant for bringing in innovative technology through gears of R&D to best suit our climate and conditions. Driven by his vision, Sarath launched Maiwir Engineering in 2015 to deliver path-breaking innovations and design solutions for helping developing countries with their infrastructure needs. Sarath also brought several technologies to India under the 'Make in India' program. His efforts were also recognized by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) which has made him a committee member to draft India's Green- Affordable Housing Standards


Maiwir Engineering

Maiwir Engineering is an innovative steel-composite design, fabrication, and construction company that developed a patented composite-steel structure system. Maiwir is successfully leveraging its game-changing technology for some of the premier government institutes like DRDO, and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Maiwir is the first company in India to provide this technology to the Indian Construction industry. This technology is aiming to challenge the age-old conventional methods of construction which is highly dependent on various factors such as uncertainty like local manpower, resources and consume a lot of time.

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