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Cadre Introduces First Online Secondary Market for Real Estate

October 11, 2018 / Goldman Sachs

Cadre, a technology-enabled real estate investment platform, today announced two significant new offerings to make investing in commercial real estate easier, more flexible, and more accessible: Cadre Secondary Market and Cadre Managed Portfolio. Cadre Secondary Market is the first online platform to enable the trading of private real estate investments. By empowering investors with the ability to list their stakes in a building, Cadre is enabling potential liquidity where it has never existed before and making real estate investing more approachable for those who have avoided the asset class due to long holding periods that could tie up capital for five to 10 years at a time. Through Cadre Secondary Market, investors can now seek to sell their position after just one year. In limited pilots to date, investors have already successfully completed over 40 transactions ranging in size from small individual positions to multi-million dollar blocks.