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CBRE: Here’s where multifamily investors should be putting their money in 2019

December 05, 2018 / Ben Lane

While most of the market attention tends to be focused on Class A multifamily buildings, new research from CBRE suggests that there is another class of multifamily housing that represents a much larger opportunity for investors workforce housing. According to CBRE, workforce housing, rental communities that are affordable for low- to median-income workers, has actually outperformed the overall multifamily market in each of the last four years, thanks to relatively low vacancy rates and above-average rent growth. According to the report, approximately 13.5 million households currently live in workforce housing, most of whom are individuals and families who are “renters by necessity” because they are paying off student debt or perhaps saving to buy a house and do not have the financial means for homeownership or for higher-quality multifamily housing.