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The New Gold Standard: CENTURY 21 Canada to Launch the Largest Custom Real Estate Platform Build in Modern History

January 06, 2019 / Paige Tepping

Nearing the launch of their new technology platform, CENTURY 21 Canada (C21) finds itself in a familiar place once again: on the leading edge. After all, it was a little over a decade ago when C21 first became the market leader in real estate technology after investing heavily in their first online platform. Working closely with a small vendor, C21 had spent nearly half a decade creating and perfecting its vision before launching it in mid-2007. While five years of development sounds like an eternity today, that was the norm for web development back then, regardless of sector. The pace of technological progress had yet to hit its stride. Not only were online platform builds far more expensive than they are today, but there was also a commonly held view that a platform would endure for a significant period of time.