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AnyCurb.com boosts housing selection by launching an innovative real estate platform

July 21, 2020 / AnyCurb

Homebuyers continue to be limited by the lack of housing inventory. However, Chicago's Tech-Enabled Brokerage, AnyCurb discovered that there may be additional inventory hiding in plain sight. "We found that 42% of homeowners would sell their home if presented with a fair-market offer. Consumers and real estate professionals are accustomed to viewing the world in terms of a buyer's market, or a seller's market...when what needs to exist is a fair market," said Danyal Ali, founder, and CEO of AnyCurb. Danyal started AnyCurb in Naperville with a mission to create a more efficient real estate marketplace. Drawing from personal experience, Danyal's family wanted to downsize but were always limited by the stressors of selling. His experience paired with an analytical background led Danyal down a path of discovery to better understand the number of families facing the same circumstances.