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The coronavirus impact on the real estate industry

March 16, 2020 / JAMES BOND

Chances are that the world returns to normal. From SARS to Bird Flu to Ebola, it seems there is always some type of health scare that we are told will alter the course of our existence. Hopefully, a few years from now we are able to put coronavirus into the category of other “close calls”. But this one feels different. And it is already altering our lifestyle in dramatic ways that prior health scares did not.  Just this week, the NCAA said that it will hold March Madness without crowds, SXWS canceled its annual event, the Coachella Festival announced that it will be postponed, Google told its 100,000+ employees to work from home, countless other companies encouraged their employees to telecommute, and toilet paper has become an unusually hot commodity. While the real estate industry as a whole appears (at least so far) to not be affected to the same degree as the travel and entertainment industries, what impact can we expect the coronavirus to have on the real estate i...