2016 NMHC/NAA Cybersecurity Webinar

National Multifamily Housing Council

NMHC and NAA will hold a webinar on our new white paper entitled, “Multifamily and Cybersecurity: The Threat Landscape and Best Practices,” on July 21 at 12 p.m. Cyber risk to the multifamily industry is often overlooked and underestimated. However, apartment firms and their third party service providers regularly collect, use and maintain sensitive financial and personal data about residents, prospective residents and employees that leave them vulnerable to cyber incidents.
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Budge Huskey, President & CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC "Coldwell Banker CEO On Luxury Real Estate.


Corporate Real Estate: Space Utilization and Workplace Sensors, Analytics and AI (Part II)

The challenges facing corporate occupiers have been magnified by the tectonic shift to WFH. So many organizations are still uncertain as to how they’ll manage the complexities of the return to the workplace and how it will impact the organization - from physical space requirements to enhancing productivity to ensuring that occupants are safe, healthy and are actually motivated to return to an office workplace environment. In this series, we explore the technologies required to facilitate and maintain these critical corporate real estate processes. With COVID-19 impacting office density and traffic patterns, building owners and operators are paying close attention to workplace occupancy data analytics from sensors. This session reviews tools and strategies for a data-driven, flexible hybrid workplace design.
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Realvolve Webinar: Realvolve's Tech Startup Lessons for Real Estate


In this session, Dale Warner, COO of Realvolve, takes you through some of the hallmark SaaS strategies that Real Estate Professionals can apply to their own businesses to drive revenue, increase efficiency, and better manage their relationships with a real estate CRM.
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Do You Know All Your Real Estate Investment Options?

Commercial Property Executive -

Crowdfunding is one of the fastest-growing forms of investment in the $7 trillion U.S. commercial real estate market. Crowdfunded real estate is an innovative approach that matches the needs of investors with opportunities in owning individual, premier properties managed by expert partners.
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Land Use and the Comprehensive Plan


Comprehensive plans along with zoning and development regulations form the bases for land use decisions. Before there can be thoughtful land use decisions there has to be a plan. The implementation of the plan has a direct bearing on the development regulations and the land use decisions in a community. This information will cover the different levels of comprehensive planning, the topics covered in comprehensive plans and most important their implementation and impact on land use decisions. Gain an appreciation for the importance of comprehensive plans as both guides and directives to land use, the relationships among master plans, zoning and development, and why a successful land use practice needs to begin with an understanding of the relevant comprehensive plan or plans.
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