2018 Year in Review: Recent Midwest Legal Decisions Impacting Real Estate and Construction Law


In 2018, the Midwest (defined as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin) saw a number of statutory changes and court decisions that reshaped and framed a number of key issues every developer, design professional, owner, lender, contractor, and real estate and construction lawyer must know. Quarles & Brady lawyers will discuss and take questions regarding recent decisions impacting real estate and construction law.
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OpenRE’s mission is to solve the most important problems that will challenge the real estate industry as it begins to incorporate nascent blockchain technology and the internet of value (IoV).


Q4 2016 - State of the Morris County Real Estate Market

Morris County EDC

This video is a discussion regarding the state of the real estate market in Morris County, NJ. This video will give an overview of Morris County projects approved and in the pipeline and demographic trends driving the market. Presentations given by Howard Weinberg of Jones Lang LaSalle, Marc Hays of Stanbery Development, Mike Elms of the The Elms-Dougherty Group, and Christine Marion of the Morris County Department of Planning & Public Works.
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Curing Title Defects Under the 2021 Revised ALTA Owners and Loan Policies: Identifying and Resolving Common Defects

The goal of every real estate deal attorney is to ensure a timely and smooth closing of the transaction. Title defects are just one of the many hurdles that transaction attorneys must clear, and the newly revised ALTA policies can impact the ability to address those issues. While many risks can create an encumbrance on a title, some of the common title defects that face real estate practitioners are defects due to liens and judgments, the rights of third parties, and breaks in the chain of title. The new endorsements and addenda can create opportunities and obstructions to resolving those defects. Armed with the knowledge of curing these common title defects and the changes made to the ALTA policies, practitioners can ensure that they close commercial transactions on time and with little surprises. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners discusses the revised ALTA policies, the best practices for curing title defects arising from judgments and liens, defects arising from the rights of third parties, and defects caused by breaks in the chain of title.
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Commercial Real Estate Outlook

AREAA National

Listen to industry leaders Rick Sharga, CMO of Ten-X, and Mike Reagan, SVP of RE/MAX Commercial, discuss the current and future state of the commercial real estate market and hottest investment markets. Learn about how developments in the public and private sectors are changing the industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve.
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Navigating Lender Liability for Environmental Cleanup and Remediation Costs

While federal law largely shields lenders from environmental liabilities and cleanup costs on indebted properties, lender missteps and poor loan documentation can result in a loss of that protection and put lenders on the hook for environmental remediation. Environmental hazards can also negatively impact a borrower's ability to repay the loan and decrease the collateral value, which is why it is essential to uncover the hazards before the closing of the loan and formulate a plan, whether a Phase I environmental site assessment or some lesser action. A critical protection for the lender is an indemnification agreement with the borrower as part of the loan documentation. Other key loan agreement provisions include reps and warranties, covenants, notice provisions, and inspection rights. Another option for the lender is to require the borrower to obtain insurance, usually in a pollution policy. Lender environmental due diligence at the time of a loan default or workout is also critical as environmental hazards must be considered when assessing the collateral value and a workout plan. Of course, if foreclosure appears imminent, the lender liability must be carefully evaluated as the lender prepares to take possession of the property. Listen as our authoritative panel of experienced attorneys analyzes lender liability for environmental cleanup and remediation liabilities. The panel will discuss theories of liability and best practices for lenders to minimize direct liability and diminution of the collateral value. The panel will address risk mitigation in loan origination and during the life of the loan, including workouts and foreclosures.
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