2018 Year in Review: Recent Midwest Legal Decisions Impacting Real Estate and Construction Law


In 2018, the Midwest (defined as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin) saw a number of statutory changes and court decisions that reshaped and framed a number of key issues every developer, design professional, owner, lender, contractor, and real estate and construction lawyer must know. Quarles & Brady lawyers will discuss and take questions regarding recent decisions impacting real estate and construction law.
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Whether you've just moved in your home or are doing a little maintenance on your current home, it's always good to do a safety assessment to see how your home could be more secure.


Real Estate Data and Analytics - Powering the Enterprise: Developing a Data Strategy (Part I)

The challenges commercial and corporate real estate decision makers face in today’s competitive business environment are multi layered and complex. Using different data sources to explain the performance of your organization, comparing varying courses of action, generating actionable insights and employing a structured approach to business problem solving is crucial to achieving a clearcompetitive advantage. This series introduces data strategies, covers advanced analytics tools and approaches, and discusses prominent data case studies that had measurable results. Organizing the tremendous amount of back office, smart building and occupant data into a cohesive information management program is critical to achieving organizational efficiency and business acumen. This session identifies best practices and shares valuable insight into developing a modern, comprehensive enterprise data strategy.
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Opportunity Zone Deals, Separating Facts From Fiction


Opportunity Zone Deals, Separating Facts From Fiction: An Interactive Discussion with Thought Leaders in the Opportunity Zone World, discussing the real estate, tax, and fund structuring considerations to get deals funded and closed in today’s marketplace.
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Augmented and Virtual Reality and Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Council

In this webinar recording Craig will show you: - What augmented reality is and how it differs from virtual reality. - Why these technologies are suddenly exploding in popularity. - How AR and VR will not only change the way you market and sell your listings, but more importantly, how they are already changing the ways consumers shop and consume real estate. - Examples of companies and products that are leading the way in this exciting space.
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How Your CPA and Attorney Analyze a Real Estate Deal

The Real Estate CPA

CEO of The Real Estate Estate CPA, Brandon Hall and attorney Ron Rohde bring you a special webinar where you'll hear how a CPA and attorney analyze deals for their clients. They will walk you through the tax and legal pitfalls at each stage of the life cycle of a real estate deal from pre-acquisition to sale, and how to avoid them.
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