5 Stages of Real Estate Business Growth

Residential Real Estate Council

Many real estate agents get into the sales from a previous job where they were an employee. As a result they often fail to recognize the needs and requirements of running a business and continue to exhibit the behaviors of an employee. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of recognizing a real estate career as a business and not a job. We will then look at the different stages of business growth, what may stop a real estate business from growing, and what bridges must be built to get to the next stage.
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In this structured environment, fellow Real-Estate Industry professionals have the opportunity to get to know you and your business at a much deeper level than just the 30 second commercial.


MSCI PREA U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index


The Index tracks the performance of open-end real estate funds on a quarterly basis, including core and value-add strategies as well as diversified and specialized funds. The MSCI PREA U.S. Property Fund Index is owned, compiled and calculated by MSCI and published in association with PREA.
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Webinar: Introducing the CRE Collaborative

Quantum Listing

Watch the replay of our webinar with CRE Collaborative's founder, Andreas Senie, a veteran commercial real estate broker and technologist. Andreas gives us an in depth look at what his CRE Tech 2.0 service is all about, connecting the technology in your stack, so that it all works together.
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Completion Guaranties in Construction Lending: Key Provisions for Lenders and Guarantors

A principal concern for the construction lender is that the borrower will fail to complete the project on budget, leaving the lender to oversee the construction and to fund cost overruns. Under a completion guaranty, the sponsor or other qualified third party agrees to complete the project and is responsible for the payment of cost overruns. Construction lenders will typically include a carry component to the completion guaranty, and/or a separate carry guaranty, which requires the guarantor to pay debt service and other carry costs until the project is completed or reaches stabilization or until the loan is repaid. Listen as our authoritative panel examines various aspects of completion guaranties and provisions that are high priority concerns for lenders and guarantors. The panel will also discuss provisions that can limit a guarantor's obligations under the guaranty and factors that might affect the ability of counsel to negotiate those provisions.
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Texas REALTORS Legal Series: Stay Safe Out There


As of 2018, approximately a third of REALTORS nationwide had experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety. Listen to tips from Sergeant Robbie Barrera from the Texas Department of Public Safety on how to stay safe on the job and what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
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