Avoid Disaster in Real Estate Closings.

Be prepared for problems that may arise during the real estate transaction process.This topic will explain how to preempt various issues during the negotiation and drafting phases, with an eye toward securing an optimal contract for one's client. It will also address the types of issues that surface as the transaction unfolds, whether during the due diligence phase or even at settlement, offering practical solutions and practice tips. Finally, it will cover litigation topics and cost-benefit strategies to assist you with delivering the most value-added legal services to your clients.
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Changes on the Horizon for Multifamily Housing Construction Post-COVID-19

Hosted in collaboration with the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), tune into this new webinar where a panel of ABC contractors and NMHC member owner/operators provide an overview of the construction industry and multifamily housing market. Leaders from the apartment and construction industries come together to discuss the biggest challenges facing their business and how the two sectors can work collaboratively.
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Opportunity Zones: The What, Why, & How for CRE Professionals

Investor Management Services, LLC

The US economy relies on a handful of major cities to drive new business and growth, while economically distressed communities continue to see declines in local businesses. Opportunity zones were developed to address some of these disparities and ultimately create a new asset class. But while opportunity zones have been a hot topic in the commercial real estate industry for the past couple years, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this initiative.
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Commercial Lease Restructurings and Workouts


Lease defaults are at a record high and vacancies are mounting, providing significant leverage to tenants in lease negotiations. Tenants seeking to benefit from current market conditions are pressing for restructured lease terms, including reduced rent and other midterm concessions. Moreover, tenants concerned about their landlords financial stability are insisting upon subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements to protect themselves. At the same time, tenants with failing businesses are pursuing lease workouts to avoid eviction.
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Climate change targets for real estate investors

Principles for Responsible Investment

This webinar takes a detailed look at the practicalities of setting targets related to climate change for a real estate portfolio, with a particular focus on net zero targets.
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