Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement — Technology That Improves Staff Efficiencies While Enhancing the Resident Experience

Why is resident engagement vital within seniors housing communities? How has resident engagement changed during COVID? How can operators create a better living experience for residents, while also creating staff and operational efficiencies? Tune in for an upcoming discussion to understand how new technology can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing operator costs.
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An introduction to property investing


Property has long been one of the most favourable options for investors. As an asset class, it has performed well over the long-term. As an investment proposition, its premise remains relatively straightforward to understand. Historically popular and increasingly versatile, property affords investors with the ability to tailor investments to their specific financial ambitions - and that’s particularly the case today, especially with the various technology platforms available.
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Managing Your Real Estate Business With Insightly

Insightly, Inc

If you’re in real estate, you know all too well that keeping track of details and your clients can mean the difference between sales success and a sales slump. That’s where Insightly comes in. In this 1-hour webinar, we outline best practices for using Insightly to manage your real estate business.
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How to get noticed online in real estate

Your Biz Tank

The competition for the 1st page of search results for real estate agents and brokerages is highly competitive. So how do you get found online? Here are a few tips and tricks to beat the competition, get noticed online, and grow your business.
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Best In Tech: Really Cool Real Estate Apps to Simplify Your Business

Residential Real Estate Council

Every five minutes it seems that someone is recommending a new app or new technology systems to make life easier. Most of us download apps and never use them or see their real potential. This one-hour webinar recording is designed to provide an inside look at practical apps for real estate agents to use in their daily practice. We'll go beyond the routine apps and explore what can make you more productive and reap the real benefits of your mobile device.
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