Affordable Housing Opportunity Zones.

Gain an understanding of Opportunity Zones and the current guidance and potential issues in structuring transactions. Opportunity Zones offer great promise for new investment in low-income areas and affordable rental housing in those areas. Regulations and guidance continue to evolve. This topic will take a deep dive into Opportunity Zones, explaining the current guidance and exploring potential issues in structuring transactions with a focus on affordable housing. Panelists will discuss potential benefits and the challenges to structuring transactions. This information is a great fit for anyone looking to get a better handle on Opportunity Zones and explore their benefits and limitations.
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The Contractor's Perspective on the Construction Industry: Q1 2019 Update

Dodge Data & Analytics

This webinar looks at the latest findings from the USG+U.S. Chamber of Commerce quarterly Commercial Construction Index (CCI) report series. The report is based on research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics and captures the unique perspective of contractors about the health of the commercial construction industry. Not only will the webinar discuss the Q1 report findings about contractors’ overall confidence in the market and their biggest concerns and challenges, including their responses about backlog of work, material prices and workforce shortages, but it will also look at the way the construction industry working to change the perception of a career in construction and the top ways contractors believe the industry can attract and retain new workers.
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Structuring Equity Joint Ventures for Hotel Properties: Recapitalization and Other Purposes

Real estate equity investments and joint ventures have become an increasingly important part of the real estate investment arena, particularly hotel properties. Travel restrictions and health concerns had an extreme impact on hotel properties and operations, and occupancy remains low due to reduced travel. The joint venture model for hotel acquisitions offers many benefits, including increased access to capital. The joint venture agreement and other related documents are very complex and fiercely negotiated. Real estate and finance counsel must understand all the pertinent issues to successfully evaluate and mitigate risk and address economic issues when negotiating and structuring a joint venture agreement for hotel transactions. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners and advisers reviews vital legal issues in joint ventures for hotel acquisitions and development, taking into account unique issues in this asset class. The panel will focus on preferred return/promoted interest, carried interest, cash flow splits, risk allocations, guarantees, unwind provisions, and other major decisions.
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Utility Easements and Land Use


Utilities are faced with options and choices regarding the manner which they will deliver their product to their customers. They may use the public rights-of-way or may choose to use private easements to lay their lines. This topic helps the person in charge with making the land usage decisions, as well as the city official assisting that person. The topic will discuss the various manners for acquiring the right to lay lines, and the strengths and weaknesses of those manners, and some specific topics that apply to various purposes of land uses.
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Affordable Housing: Finance and Development, How to Maximize the Available Resources


Building affordable housing is not particularly affordable. Costs of construction usually far exceed the revenues generated by rents. Without utilizing highly complex financing tools, often from multiple sources, for developing, preserving, and operating affordable apartments, building affordable housing is often impossible. This topic will help you understand how to effectively utilize available financing tools to develop quality housing for low-income residents. The material also explains the myriad of financing tools available for affordable housing and the complex application procedures for these funding sources. This information is essential for anyone involved in the development or operation of affordable housing and will enhance one's understanding of affordable housing financing tools and the benefits and challenges of each.
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