Allocating Overhead to Construction Projects


Gain an understanding of overhead allocation and its role in assuring projects are profitable. This topic will include a clear definition of what costs are actually overhead to be applied to jobs. The information will define the specific costs that are direct vs. those that are indirect as part of the overhead total costs to be allocated. Then we will look into the various methods to allocate overhead with a few key case studies on how the method you choose will impact each jobs profitability, and the practical applications you can use in your daily roles and apply to your business.
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DocuSign for Real Estate: Getting Started 101

This session is designed for new DocuSign users to walk through how to most effectively use DocuSign for the sending and signing processes involved in a real estate transaction. In addition, there is a review of the basic tools in the console that will enable you to manage your real estate documents effectively.
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BIM2FM with Spacewell and Bimplus – From Data Handover to Building Lifecycle Intelligence

BIM-enabled FM is increasingly being adopted by building managers. It extends the value of BIM beyond planning, design, and construction of buildings. And ensures that post-construction facilities and maintenance management is highly efficient and collaborative.
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How To Achieve 100+ Real Estate Transactions Every Year


Does 100+ transactions a year sound unachievable to you? It shouldn’t… And no matter the market conditions you can achieve success. But it doesn’t come down to simply telling yourself you’re a great agent or schlepping even more clients around all weekend. Krista Mashore joins Dale Warner to show YOU how she uses hard work, boundless energy, established business processes, and systematized workflows from her CRM to propel her through any difficult market condition.
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Opportunity Zones: The What, Why, & How for CRE Professionals

Investor Management Services, LLC

The US economy relies on a handful of major cities to drive new business and growth, while economically distressed communities continue to see declines in local businesses. Opportunity zones were developed to address some of these disparities and ultimately create a new asset class. But while opportunity zones have been a hot topic in the commercial real estate industry for the past couple years, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this initiative.
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