Avoiding Title Claims in Your Real Estate Practice

Despite best intentions and practices, title claims are at times unavoidable. On other occasions, title claims are the result of negligence, unfamiliarity with a subject matter, or just plain fraud. This webinar will focus on the relationships between the closing agent, insured, underwriter and retained counsel, the most common types of claims and how they may be avoided, as well as an examination of the red flags of fraud most commonly seen by title insurance underwriters.
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We are pleased to submit the 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan for Ottawa Community Housing Corporation


EPA's Clean Power Plan and Potential Benefits for Affordable Housing

National Association of REALTORS®

This webinar provided attendees with an overview of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan and examined the potential benefits the plan may have for multifamily affordable housing. Speakers discussed the role of utilities and state energy offices, how the plan connects to affordable housing and next steps and resources for navigating the plan at the state level.

Pitching PACE to the CRE Market

PACE Nation

This webinar will discuss some of the best ways to pitch PACE to property owners and those involved with making final decisions related to energy upgrades.

Converting Distressed Real Estate Developments: Legal and Financial Considerations


This seminar will examine the benefits and risks of converting distressed real estate developments to other uses, including rentals, fractionals, hotels and mixed use developments, and will explain the legal, financial and practical considerations for developers when converting the projects. Nationwide, development projects initiated during the real estate boom now sit unfinished or vacant. To minimize their losses, many developers are converting distressed projects to a variety of different models, such as rentals, fractionals, hotels and mixed use developments.

The Essentials of Real Estate Crowdfunding

American Association of Private Lenders

Webinar hosted by the American Association of Private Lenders and presented by Carolann Dekker, Top Dekk Consulting Crowdfunding opens up a wealth of opportunities for real estate investors in multiple markets to gain funding or invest in properties, but it's particularly beneficial for potential real estate investors. When most people outside of the crowdfunding world think about this financing method, they often imagine down-and-out borrowers receiving a single large fund pooled from gifts by kind-hearted individuals online.