Boundary Problems and Property-Line Disagreements


Your telephone rings, you receive an email and/or a potential client drops by your office. They want you to perform a survey of their property, when can you come to the property and how much will it cost? You ask for the location of the property and their contact information. You thank them for giving you this opportunity to perform their land surveying services and began preparing a cost estimate for your land surveying services.
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Real Estate Asset Management's complexity and impact on portfolio performance have affected businesses and investments. Explore insights to simplify the process.


Probate Real Estate Fast-Track

13k probate cases are opened each week in the United States, involving over 8750 primary residential properties and even more secondary properties! And that’s a low-end estimate! If you'd like to see if becoming a Certified Probate Expert is right for you, register for our new (free) class. We even have a special Goodie Bag of resources just for attendees - Hope you’ll join us
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Multifamily Market Update Webinar: August 2022

See the latest multifamily housing data from our recent Multifamily Market Update webinar. Zonda’s Managing Principal, Kimberly Byrum, presents her analysis of current market conditions and shares national and regional updates. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more.
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History of Housing: Repairing the Effects of Redlining

Whether you know it or not, anyone who works in the housing industry is likely impacted by the historical practice of redlining. Redlining is the discriminatory and systemic denial of services to those residing in communities associated with a certain racial or ethnic group. By hindering the economic development in neighborhoods populated by ethnic minorities, redlined areas become underdeveloped and undervalued while their residents become poorer.
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How to get noticed online in real estate

Your Biz Tank

The competition for the 1st page of search results for real estate agents and brokerages is highly competitive. So how do you get found online? Here are a few tips and tricks to beat the competition, get noticed online, and grow your business.
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