Building Green in the U.S. from the Owner and Contractor Perspective

Dodge’s recently published World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report provides a comprehensive look at the level of green building activity, influences on the green building market, business benefits of green and use of green products and services across all players in the construction industry in 19 global markets. This webinar focuses on one slice of that overall study, the responses of owners and contractors in the U.S.
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How to Find Heavily Discounted Investment Property

The 60-minute webinar will include how to: Search and analyse hundreds of heavily discounted investment properties Find properties listed at 20-40% below the suburb median price Instantly assess the estimated value of the deal, so you can see if there is an equity gap between market value and purchase price Target motivated vendors who want their property sold quickly Instantly filter property listings by discounted sale or distressed property terms Create 10-year cash flow and equity forecasts before committing to a deal
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Introducing Our Real Estate Investor


LendingOne is pleased to be hosting a series of real estate investor webinars designed to help real estate investors grow their business portfolios. We will be providing tips, strategies, and information on the housing market so you can expand your investing knowledge and ultimately grow your businesses. These free online seminars will feature subject matter experts from across the industry as presenters who will share their real estate backgrounds and housing market specializations to offer insight and advice for all investors.
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How Digital Twin Technology Is About to Change Building Management

Digital twins are coming to the built environment, adding intelligence from the beginning of the design phase through to the end of the building’s useful life. Watch a recording of this webinar, co-hosted by independent research firm Verdantix and Spacewell. And gain insight into the impacts of digital twins on building life-cycle management, including learnings from research. Digital twins may still sound like a far-off concept, but they are in fact already very much a reality. A user explains how they leverage a digital twin to enable far-reaching cooperation with different partners during design, construction, and building management phases.
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Modernizing Seniors Housing Care: Simplifying Workflows for Caregivers through Technology

As the acuity care needs of senior living residents rise, so does the need for more efficient workflows and better outcomes. Technology can help simplify both of these areas, by providing customizable data that highlight changes in condition and quality of care, and by informing residents' families about the care their loved ones are receiving. On September 8, at 2:00 pm Eastern, Seniors Housing Business magazine will host a webinar exploring how technology is helping to improve senior care across the country. Webinar attendees will learn about the latest innovations in care transition management and preventive healthcare. Topics will include: The latest trends in technology-enabled senior care How technology can help simplify workflows and improve care transitions The importance of involving families in the care planning process How to implement technology solutions to support these goals Panelists: Amy Ostrem, Vice President, Strategy & Portfolio Management, MatrixCare; Cassie Diner, Clinical Product Manager, MatrixCare; Kelly Danielson, Clinical Product Manager, MatrixCare; Joy Herring, VP of Clinical Analytics, LTC Consultants; and the moderator, Eric Goldberg, Seniors Housing Business. This discussion is sponsored by MatrixCare, an industry-leading provider of post-acute EHR to facility-based care settings and home care/home health and hospice organizations.
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