Building Green: Navigating the Legal and Regulatory Challenges of Sustainable Real Estate

Builders are incorporating green concepts in development projects to reduce energy costs, qualify for tax breaks, and attract tenants. Major cities, including New York, Washington, Atlanta and Seattle, have enacted green building requirements for public construction projects.Green building is expected to increase significantly into 2010. The economic recovery package passed in late 2008 extended tax incentives for green commercial building until 2013. New business opportunities emerge for builders and contractors, and so do associated legal risks.
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This second edition of ECN Review of Crowdfunding Regulation 2014our Review of Crowdfunding Regulation published at the end of 2014 marks yet another milestone in the work of the European Crowdfunding Network, its members and its supporters.


Developing an IWMS and DATA STRATEGY for Corporate Real Estate

Realcomm Conference Group, LLC

Corporate real estate executives continue to struggle with a consistent element: managing the multitude of data pertaining to their assets. Even in 2016, the conversations still involve topics such as non-scalable integration options, incompatible platforms, lack of market sophistication and skills, costs, timeframes and yes, a continued reliability on that final option...spreadsheets. There are however, thought leaders in the industry who are making legitimate advances in the area of corporate real estate information management.

iPad Video Made Simple: Pinch, Zoom and Swipe Your Way to Profit!

Right now there is a huge opportunity for REALTOR® to generate more customers and close more sales by leveraging video...and it's Easier than Ever Before using the iPad.

How To Achieve 100+ Real Estate Transactions Every Year


Does 100+ transactions a year sound unachievable to you? It shouldn’t… And no matter the market conditions you can achieve success. But it doesn’t come down to simply telling yourself you’re a great agent or schlepping even more clients around all weekend. Krista Mashore joins Dale Warner to show YOU how she uses hard work, boundless energy, established business processes, and systematized workflows from her CRM to propel her through any difficult market condition.

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

Sonen Capital

Sonen Capital's Sustainable Infrastructure webinar is now available for replay. This webinar is based on Sonen's continuing series of Impact Frameworks, which are abbreviated versions of research we develop to guide our investment process and present to clients interested specific impact themes.