Changes on the Horizon for Multifamily Housing Construction Post-COVID-19

Hosted in collaboration with the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), tune into this new webinar where a panel of ABC contractors and NMHC member owner/operators provide an overview of the construction industry and multifamily housing market. Leaders from the apartment and construction industries come together to discuss the biggest challenges facing their business and how the two sectors can work collaboratively.
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California Landlord Law Basics

Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

The Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer, a real estate and lending law firm located in the heart of Silicon Valley, recently produced a free webinar covering important legal issues that California landlords needs to know. Discussing deposits, leases, and habitability considerations, attorney Ashlee D. Adkins and Henry Chuang provided critical information for owners, REALTORS®, and investors alike who are considering residential rental properties as a source of additional investment.
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Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook — What’s Next Now That the Pandemic End is in Sight?

Even with nearly all seniors housing residents having been vaccinated and there being an end to the pandemic in sight, occupancy rates are still at record lows and the industry hasn’t yet bounced back. What does this mean for seniors housing valuations? Will there be a clear turning point in 2021 signaling the industry’s pivot to its pre-pandemic vigor? Or will the rebound be more gradual?
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Future-Proofing Real Estate Investment – How Industry Leaders are Factoring in Climate Risk

Urban Land Institute

Currently, a substantial amount of real estate assets are located in coastal cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change, from catastrophic events such as hurricanes and flooding, to more gradual changes such as sea level rise or extreme heat. Recent research has shown that the impact of real and perceived risks of climate change are already beginning to be reflected in pricing of residential real estate, and commercial real estate may be next.
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Home Design Webinar

Go on a virtual product tour with Mollie Carmichael. Learn about the latest home designs that consumers are clamoring for. Watch this webinar replay to see what innovative and creative products are available to you.
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