Construction Management Agency: Not at Risk?

As in-house expertise declines, public and private owners of construction projects are increasingly outsourcing the management and administration of their construction projects to professional construction managers-agents. Use of professional construction managers can help protect owners from liability to other project participants because construction managers are often more knowledgeable and better qualified than an owner's personnel to properly address claims.
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CMS Real Estate Webinar Series 2022 - Returning to the new normal - Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022

This programme of webinars provides a short and incisive review of some key topics relating to real estate, health and safety, planning and construction in the United Kingdom.In anticipation of the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill receiving Royal Assent and coming into force in March join us for a quick review of what it means, what debts are caught and how the arbitration scheme will work.
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Seniors Housing — Lead Generation Lessons From Active Adult Communities

Generally speaking, owners and operators in the active adult/55+ space are able to convert resident leads at a lower cost per acquisition than the rest of the seniors housing continuum—Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Life Plan or CCRC communities.
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Survive and Thrive: Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies

Mollie Carmichael has the latest trends in new home marketing strategies to help you tell a compelling story that speaks to the needs and dreams of your home buyers. Watch the “Survive and Thrive: Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies” webinar replay below to learn more.
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Commercial Real Estate Outlook

AREAA National

Listen to industry leaders Rick Sharga, CMO of Ten-X, and Mike Reagan, SVP of RE/MAX Commercial, discuss the current and future state of the commercial real estate market and hottest investment markets. Learn about how developments in the public and private sectors are changing the industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve.
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