Construction Management Agency: Not at Risk?

Lorman Business Center

As in-house expertise declines, public and private owners of construction projects are increasingly outsourcing the management and administration of their construction projects to professional construction managers-agents. Use of professional construction managers can help protect owners from liability to other project participants because construction managers are often more knowledgeable and better qualified than an owner's personnel to properly address claims.
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Real estate investment requires strategic asset allocation to maximize returns. Learning the asset allocation process helps improve portfolio performance.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Directed IRA LLC Real Estate Investing

Attorney David Calderon, Esq. and CEO of uDirect IRA Services, Kaaren Hall, will show you how property owners can use an IRA LLC to guard their personal and business assets from unforeseen liabilities and quickly diversify real estate investments. After this one-hour webinar you will nail down exactly how to set up your self directed IRA to invest in property and other assets. Learn all about the IRA LLC as an asset protection tool and whether this strategy is right for you!
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Leveraging the New ConsensusDocs Construction Contracts


Standard design and construction contracts set the playbook for project success or failure. Case law, technology, and insurance have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. ConsensusDocs, a coalition of 40 leading construction organizations that include leading organizations like AGC, ABC, and COAA, published comprehensive updates to its most used prime and subcontract agreement. Changes to ConsensusDocs address payment, insurance (builder's risk policy), terminations, indemnification, mediation, and arbitration, attorney's fees, and much more. You will learn from the lead staff person, the highlights of the most significant changes and strategize how you can leverage in contract negotiations in using the new editions of ConsensusDocs standard documents for design-bid-build, design-build and CM At-Risk.
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5 Critical Tasks for Top Agents in 2023

A new year opens up new opportunities. At the end of last year, the real estate industry saw a downturn, illustrating the importance of planning and knowing your position. Have you invested the time to set your goals for 2023? Do you have a clear understanding of what direction you want to take?
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Real Estate Investing With Retirement Funds


Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio, and it can get even better when your capital gains can grow tax-free. In this webinar, Chris Palmisano, Rocket Dollar COO/CRO and angel investors sat down with Matt Silk, real estate investor and fund manager, to discuss real estate investing in Austin. They dig into expected returns and why they expect the Austin market to be profitable in the coming years. Matt also shares his experience as a Rocket Dollar customer and how he uses his Self-Directed account to invest.
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