Cyber Destruction of Your Construction Project


The information will review the current cyberrisks which all participants in construction, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and vendors are exposed to, including such problems as ransom ware and theft of data. You will learn about which contract clauses can be used or modified to avoid or limit contractual risks due to cybercrime or cyberterrorism. You will also learn about the use of insurance to control risk. There will be a scenario discussed for which you can test how you can apply the lessons learned in this content.
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If you are looking to add to your team but are having trouble finding room in your budget, a virtual assistant can solve your problem. Check out this video to see how virtual assistants add value.


The Building Safety Bill – Investor considerations

In a webinar that will be of equal interest to practitioners advising landlord clients, and developers of residential and mixed use property, our expert speakers discuss the implications of the Building Safety Bill currently going through parliament for real estate investors. Topics discussed include: The changing landscape What is coming and how does it lead back up to investors? Funding of building safety works – Building Safety Bill Investor impact – What is the ripple out effect?
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Technology and the Impact to a Corporate Real Estate Strategy – Innovators Weigh In


There has never been a more challenging time for Corporate Real Estate and Facility professionals. Technology, automation and innovation are redefining how we operate and use space in ways never imagined. Space-as-a-service, space densification, occupant experience platforms, integrated information management, smart buildings and a transformation of the workplace are all topics that are front and center. Add in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Autonomous and the impacts to Corporate Real Estate and Facilities increase.
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Planning reforms (2021)

The government's planning reforms are in full swing, and this webinar explores the most significant developments over the past year, covering topics including: Planning White Paper / Planning Bill Update Environment Bill Use Classes Order Reforms Permitted Development Rights / Article 4 Directions Building Safety Levy / Residential Property Development Tax
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Seniors Housing Investor Outlook 2018


Our discussion will highlight: - National and local area construction and absorption trends - Labor market observations - NIC/NREI Investor Sentiment Survey results - Transactions volume, pricing and cap rate trends - Comparative commercial real estate investment performance returns - Current trends and near-term outlook for seniors housing market fundamentals
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