Cyber Destruction of Your Construction Project

The information will review the current cyberrisks which all participants in construction, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and vendors are exposed to, including such problems as ransom ware and theft of data. You will learn about which contract clauses can be used or modified to avoid or limit contractual risks due to cybercrime or cyberterrorism. You will also learn about the use of insurance to control risk. There will be a scenario discussed for which you can test how you can apply the lessons learned in this content.
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The Impact of ESG on Commercial Real Estate


This webinar explores the connection between ESG factors and Commercial Real Estate. We look at how ESG impacts how assets are evaluated, public REITs and funds are analyzed, as well as the growing market for passive investment vehicles that incorporate ESG.
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Business intelligence for real estate – it’s easier than you think


Data is the lifeblood of today’s commercial real estate industry. Everyone recognizes the value of data, yet business intelligence tools are notoriously complex to implement, difficult to maintain, and slow to prove themselves. So, how can CRE firms effectively leverage data to assess trends, analyze portfolios, maximize returns and minimize risk?
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Climate Risk in Real Estate


This webinar on climate risk in real estate presents Four Twenty Seven and GeoPhy’s analysis of exposure to physical climate hazards in global real estate investment trusts (REITs). The presentations includes key findings from the white paper, Climate Risk, Real Estate, and the Bottom Line and a discussion of how physical climate data is leveraged in financial risk reporting for the real estate sector.
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Curing Title Defects Under the 2021 Revised ALTA Owners and Loan Policies: Identifying and Resolving Common Defects

The goal of every real estate deal attorney is to ensure a timely and smooth closing of the transaction. Title defects are just one of the many hurdles that transaction attorneys must clear, and the newly revised ALTA policies can impact the ability to address those issues. While many risks can create an encumbrance on a title, some of the common title defects that face real estate practitioners are defects due to liens and judgments, the rights of third parties, and breaks in the chain of title. The new endorsements and addenda can create opportunities and obstructions to resolving those defects. Armed with the knowledge of curing these common title defects and the changes made to the ALTA policies, practitioners can ensure that they close commercial transactions on time and with little surprises. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners discusses the revised ALTA policies, the best practices for curing title defects arising from judgments and liens, defects arising from the rights of third parties, and defects caused by breaks in the chain of title.
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