Design your 2017 digital strategy for marketing your real estate business


This webinar will take you inside Adwerx’s digital ad platform for real estate, reviewing why each ad form matters and how they all fit into your larger real estate strategy.
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Today's home buyers are 13 percent homes purchased by multigenerational household, top 6 search sources are online websites, real estate agent, mobile website or app, mobile search engine, yard sign, open house etc.


Real Estate Data and Analytics - Powering the Enterprise: Developing a Data Strategy (Part I)

The challenges commercial and corporate real estate decision makers face in today’s competitive business environment are multi layered and complex. Using different data sources to explain the performance of your organization, comparing varying courses of action, generating actionable insights and employing a structured approach to business problem solving is crucial to achieving a clearcompetitive advantage. This series introduces data strategies, covers advanced analytics tools and approaches, and discusses prominent data case studies that had measurable results. Organizing the tremendous amount of back office, smart building and occupant data into a cohesive information management program is critical to achieving organizational efficiency and business acumen. This session identifies best practices and shares valuable insight into developing a modern, comprehensive enterprise data strategy.
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DocuSign for Real Estate: Getting Started 101

This session is designed for new DocuSign users to walk through how to most effectively use DocuSign for the sending and signing processes involved in a real estate transaction. In addition, there is a review of the basic tools in the console that will enable you to manage your real estate documents effectively.
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Residential vs commercial real estate webinar

AMP Capital

Luke Dixon and Claire Talbot share their insights on residential vs commercial real estate, the difference between the two, when is the best time to invest in each and how investors can access commercial real estate.
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Building a Hedge Fund Allocation

There is a minefield of options for hedge funds to consider given the proliferation of choices and the low barrier to entry. In this presentation, guest speaker, Mark Kress, will discuss one approach that focuses on AUM size, boutique strategies, replicability, operational considerations, and diversification. The result is a process that builds a multi-manager portfolio that helps diversify away from core asset exposure often invested through mutual funds and/or ETFs. In aggregate the portfolio has limited market exposure where the managers capitalize on volatility-induced mispricing and fundamentally driven exposures. Join us Wednesday, September 14th, at 1:00 P.M. EDT to hear how to build a hedge fund allocation with guest speaker Mark Kress. Register now!
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