Design your 2017 digital strategy for marketing your real estate business


This webinar will take you inside Adwerx’s digital ad platform for real estate, reviewing why each ad form matters and how they all fit into your larger real estate strategy.
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This one-page printable infographic takes you through the common home buying process.  Your real estate agent is here to help you through the entire process, so call when you have questions.


Technology & Real Estate: Friend or Foe?

During our 20 minute webinar, Rob Promisel (Global Portfolio Manager) will provide a recap of Fund performance over the December quarter and discuss the key technology trends impacting real estate. Technology is causing disruption for real estate e.g virtual supply (Airbnb creating sleepless nights for hotel owner/operators and Etail replacing shopping malls), work place changes, sustainability requirements.

Kathy Fettke's 2019 Real Estate Market Predictions

Real Wealth Network, LLC

In this webinar you’ll learn: - Best performing real estate markets for buy & hold rental property in 2019 - Where rents are rising the fastest - How rising interests rates will affect your 2019 investment

Forever Change The Way You View Fix n’ Flip Properties!

It’s not business as usual in the real estate investment market. The techniques of several years ago simply don’t work the same way today. Now, more than ever, investors need to learn more creative techniques. Imagine doing a fix n’ flip where you get a lump sum at the sale PLUS a current and future passive income stream. That's exactly what we will be showcasing.

How Technology is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry


Software is eating the world, and the Real Estate industry is no exception. Tech is shaping each and every aspect of Real Estate from how brokers communicate with their prospects and clients, to how data is being leveraged to optimize the tenant experience. Join us to learn the biggest tech trends that are shaping Real Estate, and how your business can leverage these tactics to stay ahead of the curve.