Designer-Led Design-Build: A Practical Business Plan


This live webinar is designed for presidents, vice presidents, construction managers, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, business owners and managers, developers, controllers, accountants and controllers.
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CubeSmart is self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust focused on the ownership operation acquisition and development of self-storage facilities in the United States.


Cross-Collateral/Cross-Default Real Estate Loans: Structuring and Documenting Transactions


Cross-collateralization/cross-default is common in large real estate transactions for acquisition loans, refinancing and, occasionally, construction loans where the borrower owns multiple properties and a loan on one property is secured by liens on the borrower’s other properties. Cross-collateralization can wreak havoc after a borrower’s default or bankruptcy, as secured creditors compete for the priority of their liens. A 2014 Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals case upheld a cross-collateralization clause against a junior lienholder in a bankruptcy case based on the fact that the junior lender had actual notice of the provision in the senior loan documents. Counsel for second lienholders must carefully evaluate cross-collateralization provisions in senior loans and protect the junior lender with an intercreditor agreement. Counsel for senior lienholders, likewise, need to carefully consider the issues addressed in an intercreditor agreement in order to protect rights established in the senior loan documents. Key provisions of the intercreditor agreement include definition of common collateral, standstill periods, “free release” provisions, structuring indebtedness caps, limitations on borrowing base advances, and drag along with lien release, purchase options, rights as unsecured creditor, and insolvency provisions. Listen as our authoritative panel of finance practitioners guides you through the structuring and documentation of cross-collateral/cross-default real estate financing transactions, the negotiating of intercreditor agreements, and best practices for protecting liens post default or bankruptcy.

Current Issues in Boundary Law


This live webinar is designed for attorneys, developers, surveyors, engineers, architects, presidents, vice presidents, real estate professionals, construction managers, city planners, government officials, building owners and property managers.

Housing and Older Adults: Aging in Every Place

National Housing Conference

Experts in the area of housing and older adults presented on housing needs of the growing older adult population, livable communities policies that address the safety and quality of neighborhoods, and programs that combine housing and services to enable aging in place. Webinar participants had an opportunity to ask the panelists questions and to share their perspectives on how to meet the housing needs of our older adult population.

Passive Income & Wealth Building for Real estate Agents.

There may be no better way to build wealth and positive cash flow than investing in rental properties. For those who own real estate, you know the power of building up a cash flowing rental portfolio. If you’re just getting started, or have a small portfolio and considering growing, Linda will share lots of great nuggets during this Secrets show.