Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Purchases


Investors purchasing commercial real estate in the current tumultuous market must conduct careful due diligence to avoid assuming unanticipated risks and liabilities. Proper due diligence pre-closing will save investors significant money and time later.When conducting due diligence, counsel for real estate investors must carefully and strategically consider the timing of every task occurring during the process. Counsel must monitor and record important information discovered and communicate concerns to the due diligence team.
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Incorporated in 1948, Weingarten Realty Investors (NYSE:  WRI) is one of the largest and oldest real estate investment trusts listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  As a commercial real estate owner, manager and developer


Commercial Lease Restructurings and Workouts


Lease defaults are at a record high and vacancies are mounting, providing significant leverage to tenants in lease negotiations. Tenants seeking to benefit from current market conditions are pressing for restructured lease terms, including reduced rent and other midterm concessions. Moreover, tenants concerned about their landlords financial stability are insisting upon subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements to protect themselves. At the same time, tenants with failing businesses are pursuing lease workouts to avoid eviction.

Building the Modern Mortgage


Digital transformation makes it faster and easier to handle mortgages. But how you handle that transformation will determine how successful it is. Watch this on-demand webinar, “Building the Modern Mortgage” to learn how Caliber Home Loans fully digitized their process with our eSignature technology, enabling loans to close in as little as 10 days.

Fair Housing Basics: Sarah Fisher, Idaho Human Rights Commission Senior Investigator

Idaho Housing and Finance Association

The Idaho Fair Housing Forum, U.S. Attorney’s Office, HUD and Intermountain Fair Housing Council hosted the 2015 Idaho Fair Housing Conference April 14 and 15 2015, in Boise, Idaho.Day 1 of the conference was aimed primarily towards housing providers and property management professionals. Featured speakers included HUD Region X Administrator Bill Block, Idaho’s U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson and civil rights defense attorney David Penny. They and other presenters focused on the Fair Housing Act, Support Animals and Reasonable Accommodations, Housing Provider Compliance and Defense, and Limited English Proficiency, among other topics.

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

Sonen Capital

Sonen Capital's Sustainable Infrastructure webinar is now available for replay. This webinar is based on Sonen's continuing series of Impact Frameworks, which are abbreviated versions of research we develop to guide our investment process and present to clients interested specific impact themes.