Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Purchases


Investors purchasing commercial real estate in the current tumultuous market must conduct careful due diligence to avoid assuming unanticipated risks and liabilities. Proper due diligence pre-closing will save investors significant money and time later.When conducting due diligence, counsel for real estate investors must carefully and strategically consider the timing of every task occurring during the process. Counsel must monitor and record important information discovered and communicate concerns to the due diligence team.
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Singapore’s soft real estate market in Singapore was given a boost last year.


2019 REAL ESTATE TRENDS The Best Cities and States For Real Estate in 2019


The Booming US and World Economies, Jobs, Inflation, Unemployment, Consumer Confidence Can they support more growth? What to expect in 2019, and beyond. The Looming Impact of Rising Rates including how many interest rate hikes are likely in 2019 and when the shockwaves will hit real estate the hardest. This is an important consideration for making buy, hold, and sell decisions. The Story of Apartment Trends in 10 Dynamic Charts Why does workforce housing rent growth continue to be far above both the 10 year and the 30 year trend lines, this late in the cycle? Best Cities in the US for Real Estate in 2019 Single Family, Multifamily and New Development. Top picks from Forbes, Realtor.com and Yardi.
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Planning reforms (2021)

The government's planning reforms are in full swing, and this webinar explores the most significant developments over the past year, covering topics including: Planning White Paper / Planning Bill Update Environment Bill Use Classes Order Reforms Permitted Development Rights / Article 4 Directions Building Safety Levy / Residential Property Development Tax
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Construction Management Agency: Not at Risk?

Lorman Business Center

As in-house expertise declines, public and private owners of construction projects are increasingly outsourcing the management and administration of their construction projects to professional construction managers-agents. Use of professional construction managers can help protect owners from liability to other project participants because construction managers are often more knowledgeable and better qualified than an owner's personnel to properly address claims.
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Utility Easements and Land Use


Utilities are faced with options and choices regarding the manner which they will deliver their product to their customers. They may use the public rights-of-way or may choose to use private easements to lay their lines. This topic helps the person in charge with making the land usage decisions, as well as the city official assisting that person. The topic will discuss the various manners for acquiring the right to lay lines, and the strengths and weaknesses of those manners, and some specific topics that apply to various purposes of land uses.
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