eFront Insight Real Estate for General Partners


This webinar to see how property fund managers can leverage on eFront Insight to access a complete analysis of all theirs funds and streamline communications and data exchange with their LP investors.
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Louie Ortiz reviews Southern California Real Estate News and how Brexit may Affect Real Estate.



Credit Union National Association

This webinar focuses specifically on the disclosures and statements required in connection with mortgage loan transactions. Topics discussed will include: - Application disclosures specific to home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) - Periodic statement requirements for HELOCs - Properly disclosing a closed-end mortgage loan including the Loan Estimate
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The Building Safety Bill – Investor considerations

In a webinar that will be of equal interest to practitioners advising landlord clients, and developers of residential and mixed use property, our expert speakers discuss the implications of the Building Safety Bill currently going through parliament for real estate investors. Topics discussed include: The changing landscape What is coming and how does it lead back up to investors? Funding of building safety works – Building Safety Bill Investor impact – What is the ripple out effect?
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Customer Spotlight with McPherson Contractors


Find out directly from a Procore client how and why they chose Procore to run their projects. Darren Younker will talk about how McPherson Contractors went through the software-buying process; plus, he'll save time to answer any and all of your questions at the end.
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Contrarian Real Estate Investing: Strategies for Identifying Value in a Market that Seems Fully Priced and Fairly Crowded

National Real Estate Investor

As the queue of capital continues to build and the opportunities for finding yield or creating values continues to dwindle, investors in real assets may consider contrarian, unfashionable, difficult to underwrite or slightly esoteric asset types, investment, markets and positioning strategies. The challenge, of course, is pricing the risk in this approach and understanding where you are getting paid for avoiding the herd mentality and where you are taking long bets with uncertain payoff.
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