Environmental Liabilities in Real Estate Transactions

Know how to handle real estate transactions involving contaminated or potentially-contaminated properties. Many real estate transactions involve properties that have known or potentially unknown environmental contamination. Because of the strict liability imposed by environmental statutes it is important that real estate transactions be proceeded by appropriate due diligence and that the existence of any environmental contamination and associated liability be allocated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement or other applicable transaction documents (i.e., lease or financing documents).
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Unique Challenges with Condominium Development in Urban Areas


Oftentimes insufficient time is factored in for project design and technical review and obtaining required government approvals. Developers may also not fully appreciate the challenges that will be faced in funding the development, structuring the condominium regime and negotiating with associations and surrounding property owners to address title, easement and cost-sharing agreements. Additionally, operational issues associated with an urban condominium development, such as parking, transportation, use restrictions, public space enjoyment, integration of different types of users and ongoing cooperation with governmental agencies, can present ongoing challenges.
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Diamond in the Rough Transitioning Land for Development

REALTORS Land Institute

Do you know the largest transitional land project ever undertaken? Want to see some of the neatest transitional land properties RLI Members have conducted? Ready to be inspired and learn to think outside the box? Transitional land opportunities exist everywhere, from large metropolitan areas to small regional cities.
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Opportunity Zones Unprecedented New Real Estate Tax Strategy: What You Need To Know


WHAT YOU'LL LEARN - The in's and out's of this relatively obscure tax incentive hidden in the tax reform package, and the recent change that is causing it to take off. - How you can legally pay absolutely ZERO federal capital gains taxes when you take advantage of this huge tax incentive designed to encourage investment in specific communities. - Best strategies for unlocking maximum tax savings for real estate investors and apartment syndicators.
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COVID Strategies For Seniors Housing Operators — Managing Risk For Residents, Staff and Service Providers

To mandate or not to mandate? As seniors housing operators grapple with staffing shortages while prioritizing resident and staff safety, varying strategies have emerged around the national push for COVID vaccinations. How are operators rolling out their COVID protocols as we head into the home stretch of 2021 and the winter flu season? And how are non-staff — including visiting family members and on-site service providers who support operators — being guided?
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