Eviction Practices and Procedures


This live webinar is designed for attorneys, presidents, vice presidents, real estate professionals, owners, property managers, landlords, developers, lenders, collection professionals and accountants.
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There are many ways to categorize impacts potentially attributable to fracking and their effectson property values.


CC&Rs and Easements for Mixed-Use Projects: Best Practices for Developers

The importance of drafting CC&Rs in mixed-use projects cannot be overstated. CC&Rs create complex contractual rights and obligations and property rights and obligations that impact the owners' ability to use, sell, and finance the property. A significant component of CC&Rs is creating easements that impact daily business operations and other users of the property subject to the document. Properly drafted easements will address critical business issues such as access, construction, shared parking, signage, and maintenance. Counsel must avoid pitfalls and conflicts to minimize owner disputes and operational problems when drafting or amending CC&Rs. Using boilerplate language is ineffective at best and, at worst, is a risky means of dealing with the specific needs and demands of a developer or business owner. Listen as our authoritative panel provides practitioners with a clear understanding of how to draft effective CC&Rs for mixed-use projects, avoid common pitfalls, and amend existing documents.
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Building Smart and Sustainable Homes

From the rise of electric vehicles to the proliferation of the "work from home" movement, homeowners today demand more from their living spaces than ever before. Homeowners, builders, and remodelers, increasingly are relying on smart and connected devices and novel automation systems to help manage and control energy consumption, energy sources, network connectivity, air quality monitoring, lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, and heating, cooling, and ventilation.
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Creating Value: How to Maximize the Tenant Experience Through Data

Things are different now. As return to office takes shape, the tenant experience will need to change. For operators, the new challenge is how to deliver value in response to the new demand of hybrid work. Is space being used efficiently? Do your amenities fit your tenants’ needs? Are they able to make informed decisions about their space? Find out how the informed use of data can show your tenants that you’re improving their bottom line—and improve yours at the same time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: evaluate tenant traffic data meet tenants’ changing needs use data to be more competitive in the marketplace futureproof your properties
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Title Insurance Coverage for Real Estate Counsel: ALTA Coverage and Endorsements for Owners and Lenders

Counsel involved in the sale, purchase, or financing of commercial real estate must understand the critical role of title insurance in insuring against risks. Counsel can evaluate coverage and endorsements that provide the optimal protection for clients. Practitioners must understand the intricate details of title insurance policies and current coverage trends, including all recent ALTA endorsements, to effectively advise property owners, investors, lenders, and developers. And parties must address survey issues with the title company (and purchasers and lenders) and know which survey or other endorsements can resolve survey matters. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses current trends in title insurance coverage and strategies for negotiating coverage and endorsements that will help avoid coverage gaps.
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