Hack Your 2017 Plan - With John Thompson

Intero Real Estate Services' COO John Thompson encourages you to hack your business plan for the upcoming year. Increase your business, get more leads and so much more.
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With over 2,800 campaigns each year delivered through a team of 300+ digital, data, and technology specialists, Deck 7 is a first resource for B2B demand generation services for marketers worldwide.


Success Tips for the Single Real Estate Agent

Market Leader Inc.

Nina Hollander shares her tips for staying on top of your key business activities - prospecting, marketing, following up, and more.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of GMP Contracting


This live webinar is designed for project managers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, presidents, vice presidents, construction professionals, engineers, architects and attorneys.

Leveraging New Market Tax Credits to Finance Community Development: Latest Regs, Guidance and Legal Developments


The CDFI Fund is expected to announce $7 billion in NMTC allocations in late fall. This presents significant opportunities for investors in economic development projects in low-income areas and for developers with projects in designated census tracts to secure additional financing to complete projects. NMTCs can offer a critical source of financing for a variety of eligible investments, including mixed-use real estate with affordable housing, charter schools, Indian tribal projects, historic preservation projects, and renewable energy projects.

The Secrets of Successful Negotiation


How to "click" with people for better negotiation results.How to identify differences in people that may hinder your negotiations. How to read people so that you can "click" quicker How to recognize your "default" negotiation style.How to recognize your client or the other agent’s "default" negotiation style.