Hack Your 2017 Plan - With John Thompson

Intero Real Estate Services

Intero Real Estate Services' COO John Thompson encourages you to hack your business plan for the upcoming year. Increase your business, get more leads and so much more.
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For many first time home buyers the acronym PITI doesn’t mean much but for mortgage professionals and people who currently own a home, it is a lot more familiar.



Watch this on demand webinar with CPA, Alex Jerkins, and find out about the latest tax changes that could impact you and your business. You will learn: Details about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and stimulus loans and how they impact your taxes, Changes to the IRS procedures.
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Commercial Real Estate Outlook

AREAA National

Listen to industry leaders Rick Sharga, CMO of Ten-X, and Mike Reagan, SVP of RE/MAX Commercial, discuss the current and future state of the commercial real estate market and hottest investment markets. Learn about how developments in the public and private sectors are changing the industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve.
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Collective Bargaining Developments in Construction


The relationship between contractors, subcontractors and construction labor unions is a complex one. The heart of the relationship is the collective bargaining agreement and the bargaining process. Too often, contractors feel like passengers on a train that has already left the station, with little formal background in the framework for bargaining, their ability to influence the bargaining agreement, and the options they may have whether an 8f or 9a contractor.
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Title Insurance Coverage for Real Estate Counsel: ALTA Coverage and Endorsements for Owners and Lenders.

Counsel involved in the sale, purchase, or financing of commercial real estate must understand the critical role of title insurance in insuring against risks. Counsel can evaluate coverage and endorsements that provide the optimal protection for clients. Practitioners must understand the intricate details of title insurance policies and current coverage trends, including all recent ALTA endorsements, to effectively advise property owners, investors, lenders, and developers. And parties must address survey issues with the title company (and purchasers and lenders) and know which survey or other endorsements can resolve survey matters. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses current trends in title insurance coverage and strategies for negotiating coverage and endorsements that will help avoid coverage gaps.
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