How Do Realtors Benefit from Understanding and Using Real Estate IRAs?

Real estate IRAs offer unique opportunities for account owners to use their own knowledge and expertise to create retirement income. Anyone in any profession can put their experience to work by investing what they know best. For realtors, understanding and using real estate IRAs offers two fantastic opportunities: Realtors themselves can use these accounts as powerful investing tools to build their own retirement wealth. They can also use this knowledge as a business-building resource.
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How Technology is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry


Software is eating the world, and the Real Estate industry is no exception. Tech is shaping each and every aspect of Real Estate from how brokers communicate with their prospects and clients, to how data is being leveraged to optimize the tenant experience. Join us to learn the biggest tech trends that are shaping Real Estate, and how your business can leverage these tactics to stay ahead of the curve.
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Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets


Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets examines at an intermediate to senior level the intersection of real estate space markets and real estate capital markets by exploring in depth the Four Quadrants of Real Estate Finance: (1) private debt, (2) public debt, (3) private equity, and (4) public equity, and their application to real estate space markets, as well as exploring derivative markets that involve real estate.
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Probate Real Estate Fast-Track

13k probate cases are opened each week in the United States, involving over 8750 primary residential properties and even more secondary properties! And that’s a low-end estimate! If you'd like to see if becoming a Certified Probate Expert is right for you, register for our new (free) class. We even have a special Goodie Bag of resources just for attendees - Hope you’ll join us
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Commercial Mortgage Modifications: Lien Priority, Title Insurance, and Bankruptcy Issues

Mortgage modifications allow borrowers and lenders to extend loan maturity, prevent defaults and foreclosure, and otherwise restructure loan terms. They provide an opportunity for lenders to "clean up" documentation ambiguities and potentially contentious issues, as well as obtain waivers and releases as part of the consideration for granting the term changes. Modifications that significantly revise the loan terms increase the risk that subordinate lenders and bankruptcy trustees may challenge the priority of liens encumbering the mortgaged property. This is particularly true when a modification relates to an incomplete construction project that is being restarted. Title insurance policies have discontinued creditors' rights coverage and do not protect against a loss of lien position. They have also significantly reduced or altered the scope of mechanics' lien coverage. Counsel involved with loan modifications must know how to obtain the optimal title insurance coverage. Listen as our authoritative panel of attorneys discusses current trends in commercial mortgage modifications and strategies for lenders' and borrowers' counsel to ensure that changes protect their clients' interests against potential lien issues, title pitfalls, and bankruptcy concerns.
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