How To Achieve 100+ Real Estate Transactions Every Year


Does 100+ transactions a year sound unachievable to you? It shouldn’t… And no matter the market conditions you can achieve success. But it doesn’t come down to simply telling yourself you’re a great agent or schlepping even more clients around all weekend. Krista Mashore joins Dale Warner to show YOU how she uses hard work, boundless energy, established business processes, and systematized workflows from her CRM to propel her through any difficult market condition.
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Workers' Compensation Issues for the Construction Industry


The goal of this topic is to provide an overview of Workers' Compensation systems, with a particular emphasis on their impact on the construction industry. The material will address the basis of these systems, the classification of employees, and the calculation of insurance premiums. It will also outline issues that often arise following a work injury on a construction site, and strategies to both reduce these injuries and effectively address them after their occurrence. The topic will assist those in the industry with reducing premium costs, benefit exposure, and helping ensure the safety of their employees.
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COVID Strategies For Seniors Housing Operators — Managing Risk For Residents, Staff and Service Providers

To mandate or not to mandate? As seniors housing operators grapple with staffing shortages while prioritizing resident and staff safety, varying strategies have emerged around the national push for COVID vaccinations. How are operators rolling out their COVID protocols as we head into the home stretch of 2021 and the winter flu season? And how are non-staff — including visiting family members and on-site service providers who support operators — being guided?
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In-Building Wireless and Emerging 5G and CBRS Technology – The Potential Impact on Commercial Real Estate


There are nearly 5B mobile phone users in the world today. We’ve recently surpassed the 50% mark and now over half are smartphone users who are gobbling up bandwidth with live media and immersive content faster than the carriers can supply it. And with so many IoT devices coming online, from video security to automobiles, the demand is increasing exponentially. Although still a couple of years away, 5G and CBRS have not only become hot topics for carriers, telecom equipment manufacturers and end-users, but also building owners and tenants. Despite the high level of interest, there are still numerous questions on how building owners will actually connect with these technologies, and how they’ll impact tenants and visitor’s consumption of data. In this webinar we’ll explore how CRE stakeholders can best prepare to take advantage of these groundbreaking new technologies.
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Advancing Your Multifamily Career!

What’s the best advice when it comes to advancing your Multifamily career? A solid property management career plan provides a roadmap for your future. This, in turn, helps you make informed choices about your current job situation and future career moves. A broader career plan is also important in helping you stay inspired. Moshe Crane, Director of Leasing & Marketing at Sage Ventures, will be guiding us through how to advance your Multifamily career!
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