How to Invest in High Quality Commercial Real Estate


Watch this webinar to learn about investment opportunities through fractional ownership of properties with corporate guaranteed leases, including medical facilities and other recession-proof businesses.
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While real estate investing is increasingly global, property markets remain largely local, offering global portfolios a powerful diversifi cation benefit.


Top Due Diligence Oversights in Real Estate Transactions

National Business Institute

Overlooking issues during the due diligence process can cost you time, negotiation leverage and it opens the door to expensive surprises after closing. The numerous areas of inquiry - combined with limited timeframes and pressure to cut corners - means that mistakes are easy to make. Is your due diligence comprehensive? This guide will explore the top due diligence oversights so you can effectively avoid them in your practice. Prevent bad deals and ensure a smooth transaction - order today!

CBRE Ireland Outlook 2014 Event

CBRE Global Investors

Commercial property consultants CBRE Ireland last week released their annual Outlook 2014 report. Watch CBRE Ireland's MD, Enda Luddy and Head of Research, Marie Hunt, discuss the final year figures for transactional activity across all sectors of the Irish commercial property market in 2013 and their predictions for each sector in the year ahead. Marco Hekman, CBRE The Netherlands CEO and Chairman EMEA Capital Markets also presents a current view of the CRE investment market across the wider European region.


MSCI Inc real estate

On October 6, Victoria Mejevitch and Andrew Hawkeswood, MSCI presented the IPD Occupiers Blue Chip Office Index results. MSCI’s IPD Occupiers Blue Chip Office Index has tracked the cost of owning and running office accommodation for blue chip occupiers within the UK since 2005. It provides a valuable insight for both corporate occupiers and investors on the emerging trends helping them plan for their future corporate real estate strategy.

Webinar: Fair Housing Compliance for Real Estate Professionals


This webinar covers: - Protected Classes - Exemptions - Insurance Policy Restrictions - Accommodations and Modifications - Service & Assistance Animals - Advertising and - The Complaint Process.